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I’m still writing fanfic masked as advice columns for Indiewire, so if you are interested, check out the recent columns for Orange Is The New Black (what do you do when your friend is telling an big & obvious lie but you don’t want to rock her fragile mental state) and today’s Halt & Catch Fire piece (what do you do when you’ve slept with the boss and your coworkers are making a fuss?). What (currently running) TV show should we tackle next?

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      1. First episode will be aired on the Internet on August 2; 8 episodes will be aired on Starz starting August 9.

  1. Becca from Californication. I bet she’s got a million questions this season about how to deal with her surprise family.

    1. The new MTV show Finding Carter is about a 16 year old who finds out that her mother is actually the woman who kidnapped her when she was 3, and she is returned to her bio family, which includes a non-identical twin. So far she just wants to return to her on the run drug dealer kidnapping mom. Her bio mom is a police officer who is hunting the other mother. The father is coming off like the good guy compared to the bio mom, but we know he’s writing a book about his returned daughter after she asked him not to and is taping the family therapy sessions. The premise of the show isn’t bad but so far the writing and pacing leave a lot to be desired, but I’m going to stick with it for a while.

      A letter could be written by any of the main characters. They have some fascination with the names of presidents. The kidnapped child was named Linden, a version of Lyndon, returns with the name Carter, and her new brother, the replacement child they had after she was kidnapped is Grant. She attends Benjamin Harris high, which while not a president is a weird person to name a high school after.

  2. Coming out of lurkdom to suggest Emma from Once Upon a Time! She has trust issues and family issues and ‘starting a romantic relationship after a very long time of not having them’ issues, and could use friendly advice from people not invested.

    1. Yes!

      Or Regina. I kept thinking of all the abusive-parent letters here once we started to see more of her backstory.

      1. And the conflict produced by her becoming an abusive parent herself and being forced to recognize that after a while of Emma noticing it, while Emma tries to do well by Henry and the deal with being a mother to him after so long. Aah, the mother-child dynamics of this show.

    2. Oh, absolutely. Especially combined with just having gotten back with her previous sweetheart, the father of her child, who had ditched her, except it turns out he had better reasons for that than she thought—oh, and then he died. All of this against a backdrop of all kinds of crazy extended family issues.

  3. Oh please please do one for In The Flesh? For one thing, the show has some AMAZING advice column fodder (it uses zombies as a vehicle to look into mental health issues and stigma, homophobia, fractured relationships between parents and teens, drug use, parental abuse, suicide PTSD, cults, abuse by lawmakers/authority figures and loads more). For another, it really doesn’t get anywhere near the attention and love it deserves.

    It’s only 9 episodes long covering 2 seasons (so far!) so it wouldn’t take long to watch!

  4. I’d suggest Hannibal, because I’m obsessed, but I think that whole show needs more advice than one columnist could possibly offer.

    1. Someone sent me some great Hannibal letters that I need to run by my editor. All the advice should be “make like Bedelia RUN AWAY”

  5. Hmm, how about Doctor Who? That will be back on air pretty soon. My idea is something like “I’ve been travelling with a friend of mine, but he has REALLY CHANGED recently, and I’m not sure how it’s going to affect our relationship going forward. How can I deal with it if it’s super-awkward travelling with him now? Getting home under my own steam is probably not an option, either.”

  6. House of Cards. “I used to work for an important man, but then I got sick and had to go to hospital. I always wondered whether his wife was really interested in me or not, but she just came by and gave me a little tiny bit of a handie, and now I’m really confused. Maybe I’ll sleep on it” — [monitor goes BWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP]

        1. That scene and the series. For instance, never hang out with someone who breaks into your house when you are gone just so he can smell your bed.

  7. Supernatural: How do I maintain boundaries with the brother that violated me, but also help him not give in to bloodlust caused by taking Cain’s mark and the blade he used to kill Abel?

    1. And he just doesn’t seem to be the same person anymore . . . I mean, I look at him, and it’s like even his EYES are different . . . 🙂

      +1 also on Hannibal and Orphan Black.

    2. I was thinking Supernatural too! My brother and I have always had our ups and downs but lately….

  8. Teen Wolf: Recently I discovered I had a teenage daughter. She’s at a difficult age and she hasn’t had an easy childhood. How can I be involved in her life and build the relationship I wish we could have, when her friends are poisoning her against me?

  9. Orphan Black: what do you do when you discover a deeply dysfunctional branch of your family that you never knew existed!

  10. Various ones from FX’s The Bridge–

    Sonia–How do I reconcile the fact that my ambition might outstrip my natural abilities? Also, is wearing my dead sister’s old clothes holding me back?

    Adriana–How can I convince my mom God is not punishing us because I’m gay? And to get her to quit telling me to go to church?

    Linder–I’m in love with a woman I may have barely spoken to, but I did kill a man for her among other crimes. I want to court and marry her, but she keeps running away. How do I get her to stay in one place, let me put her on a pedestal and adore and protect her?

    Charlotte–I gave my boyfriend a job, but now I’m realizing he’s a possessive jerk and not real bright. How do I ease him out of the business without murdering him? Or can I get our third partner to do that?

  11. I was going to say Scarlett from Nashville, but it looks like she’s learning to set boundaries with her mother in true approved Awkward style. So how about Avery? “My incredibly famous girlfriend cheated on me with a man we both hate. She says she’s sorry and that she messed up, and I believe her, but is there any point hoping she won’t do it again?”

  12. How about Sherlock? I’m not sure if season 3 has been shown yet in America so don’t want to spoiler you, so will write the question very carefully. From Dr. John Watson: I have made some discoveries about my two closest relationships. What does this say about them, and me? What do I do next?

  13. These are great, but what I really want to see is your advice on dating red flags for Padme Amidala.

    1. That character is dead in the series, so the dating advice is kind of beside the point now.

  14. Frequent reader, though I rarely comment. What about The Good Wife? I think Alicia really needs to think about Using Her Words to build Team Her and to communicate, after the death of a man who was important to her, launching a new firm, living through complicated family dynamics (her mother. her brother. her yikes! mother in law. her christian daughter. her son who left for college. her powerful but dishonest husband) and surviving years of not quite knowing who or when to trust.

  15. Okay, I think one character that could do with some Awkward advice is Korra in the last episode that aired (The Metal Clan). Specifically, she could do with a reminder that other family’s problems are not her business, that it’s rude to stick your nose in and try to “fix” long estrangements between people when you know dick all about the history between them and that it’s especially shitty to try and do so by pitting the least emotionally equipped and youngest member of that family against the most aggressive in the hopes that Cute With Win Out. And maybe you don’t get to be mad at the person you just manipulated when your attempt to manipulate them through a cute person ends up hurting the cute person.

    I may have some feelings about the last episode.

  16. Princess Aslaug – the man she cheated with married her, but now his ex is back in the picture, dramatically bailing out a failing business venture, being an all round hero. He says he doesn’t want her back, but how can you trust the man you cheated with not to cheat on you?

  17. Do reality shows count? Because the current season of Big Brother is suffering from serious Nice Guy. Caleb likes Amber, and he’s constantly making awkward comments (“I bet your sister would say you should marry me!”) and loan-sharking (“I ‘saved’ you from eviction, what more do I have to do?” and “You at least owe me a date to the finale. If you aren’t my date at the finale, I’ll be really mad.”) He also questions any other male member of the house who has contact with her. (“Is there something going on with you and Amber?’)

    Amber is Not Interested, but she hasn’t outright told him no, and probably feels like she can’t because then she would become his target for eviction in the game, and also they’re supposed to be part of the same alliance. It’s super awkward to watch.

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