4 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. OMG I’m from Buffalo! I wish I were going to Buffalo! Buffalo is the best city in the entire world! It has the best restaurants! I live away from Buffalo right now but I sincerely wish I could move back there immediately, and am planning to as soon as careers-and-grad-school-stuff will allow is. Have fun!!! If you want restaurant recommendations I would be happy to recommend several places!

    1. Thanks for the promise of recs! I was visiting a local (actually out Erie county way) so had eating well in hand, but I agree, it is a very nice place.

      1. Cimorene, I would happily accept your restaurant recs if you’re still inclined! I just passed through Buffalo on the tail end of a massive road trip (I recently relocated from Chicago to CNY & was back visiting my old haunts, among other places), & it’s on the list for a future weekend getaway.

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