Victoria, BC Meetup June 14 and Story Club South Side June 17

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Chicago people, I’ll be one of the featured readers at Story Club South Side, Tuesday, June 17 at the Co-Prosperity Sphere in Bridgeport. Grab a pie at Pleasant House, some coffee from Bridgeport Coffee or some drinks from Maria’s, and come hear stories on the theme of “Almost.” Details here. There are two open mic slots for 8 minute tales, so jump in if you feel like it!

Annafel has put together an event and Victoria, B.C. Awkward People are invited:

Dear Awkward Army, Victoria Regiment:

You are invited to a meetup! Saturday, June 14, 7-9:30 pm, Bubby’s Kitchen in Cook St. Village.

Address: 355 Cook St., close to the corner of Oscar.


We will be on the patio unless there is no shade, in which case we will be inside. I, Annafel, will have one (1) rainbow-coloured “AWKWARD” sign, and one (1) stuffy of the white tiger cub variety. His name is Quentin. Pictured below, with additional large cat for size comparison.

To the best of my knowledge, Bubby’s Kitchen is fully accessible and serves a wide variety of food and drinks, including vegetarian and gluten-free food – also I am pretty sure there are some vegan things. It is also licensed, but for the full comfort of all potential attendees, perhaps we could agree to just not order alcohol?

It is located on the #3 bus route, and is a few blocks away (and a downhill slope) from Fairfield Rd, where the #7 bus stops.

I will bring paper and pencil crayons, and you are all welcome to bring whatever you think will be fun! I look forward to hanging out with you!!

Love, Annafel

Sounds pretty great. Have the best time!


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