Boston Meetup, June 7

From Rageasaurus:

Boston Meetup! This weekend!

Date & Time: Saturday, June 7th @ 4:00 PM

Location: The Boston Common by the Soldiers and Sailors Monument (near Frog Pond)

How to find us after 4PM: Look for a pink unicorn plushie somewhere near the monument or Frog Pond

More info:

At least one of us (the person with the plushie) will be able to stick around past 6PM, so feel free to stop by a bit later in the day. This meetup was coordinated over in the CA Forum, and we just remembered that we should also post it here. 🙂

Pink unicorns! I hope the weather is beautiful.

4 thoughts on “Boston Meetup, June 7

  1. Waaa, I totally missed this. Wish I had seen it in time. u_u Hope I can go next time!

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