Chicago Meetup 5/17

From reader DigitalTart:

Chicago Meetups are a Thing Again Sort Of!

Date: Saturday, 5/17/2014

Time: 3:00pm

Location: The Chicago Cultural Center Lobby (1st floor), 78 E Washington St, Chicago, IL 60602.

Transportation: By CTA, a whole slew of busses and trains. By Metra/Electric District/South Shore Line, Millenium Station. By car not recommended due to obscenely high cost of parking.

Activities: Let’s look at some art! The CCC has both rotating and permanent exhibitions. I’ll find a table in the lobby and stake out for a while, then when we’ve collected a few people we can head upstairs to the galleries if there’s enough interest. The cafe has permanently closed but I believe outside food and beverages are allowed in the mingling areas but not the galleries.

How to Find Me: I’ll be wearing a shiny purple dress and will have a big sign saying ‘The Awkward Table’.

SPECIAL BONUS ACTIVITY: The Windy City Rollers are having their championship that day as well, and I will be going to the game at 6pm to support my girlfriend on the Manic Attackers.

Nice! I’m so glad that local people are planning these.


9 thoughts on “Chicago Meetup 5/17

  1. I will be there in spirit, but it’s the day of my college graduation. Which would not deter me, except my family will be in town and expect me to spend time with them, darn them! I hope you all have a lovely time!

  2. Oh good! I’ve been hoping the Chicago ones would start again! Definitely planning on being there, unless something goes horribly wrong!

  3. Yessss! I just moved (back) here, and I am definitely going to come. So excited to meet more Awkward folk! Thanks for planning it, DigitalTart!

    1. Really? Sweet! I will bring poster board and markers and we can make signs.

  4. *whispers* I has some questions…
    1. I just found this blog less than a week ago, may I still come?
    2. Are there any age-related restrictions on who may come?
    3. Assuming the answer to 1 is “yes” and the answer to 2 is either “no” or “yes but 19 is an acceptable age,” can someone tell a lame suburbanite noob (i.e. me) how to get from Union Station to this place using the CTA (or walking, if it’s close)? (Obviously if the answer(s) to the first two questions will prevent me from coming then this question is totally irrelevant.)

    1. The Captain’s recommendation of the #151 bus is probably the fastest way from Point A to Point B, but it can also be walked in 20-30 mins if you’d rather not fuss with a Ventra card. I’d be perfectly happy to give you my cell number via email if you are nervous about finding your way through downtown.

  5. Been wanting to make it to one of these for awhile and hooray! I actually have some time that afternoon to stop by. Looking forward to it, I’m pretty easy to spot, the short Filipina with purple streaked hair and a green canvas bag covered in nerdy patches and pins.

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