Melbourne Meetup, May 11

Details from your host, A.:

“Hi Awkward community,
There will be a meetup for Melburnian awkward people and associated nerds on May 11. The location is the same as last time, Jimmi Jamz on Lygon ( I’ll be around from about 3pm to about 4:30pm, with a copy of Hark! A Vagrant on my table. There’s tasty pizza (and other food, but pizza!), coffee, and alcohol. It’s fairly accessible, kid friendly, and public transport friendly–plus parking on a Sunday is fairly painless.
Please feel free to bring friends, small children, books, crafts, and interesting facts.”
Enjoy the day!

7 thoughts on “Melbourne Meetup, May 11

  1. Don’t want to hijack, but maybe sometime in the not too distant future another Chicago meetup could be planned? I just moved back and want to bop around the city and hang out with new people!

    I’d offer to plan but I’ve somehow become the Unofficial Meetup Planner over at the AV Club and Tolerability Index Forum and don’t want to be the one in charge of yet another get-together!

    (I’m mostly pretty lurky around here but I read religiously!)

    1. I am not planning any local meetups in the forseeable future, but sometimes community members take that on and it’s keen when they do. Check out the forums, is my suggestion.

    1. Oh, poop, I totally forgot. Come if you can, family and all, or come next time. We’ll be glad to see you either way.

      1. Ah, it’ll have to be next time. What’s more in the captain awkward spirit than conflicted feelings about family obligations, though, right?

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