Victoria, BC Meetup March 22

O Canada! You’re meeting up, courtesy of Annafel. Her message:

Hi friends!

Over in the discussion thread for the Captain’s ‘You Are Legion’ post, there was a bit of interest in a meetup in Victoria, BC (the one in Canada). I then posted in the Meetup thread, and a couple of other people and I agreed on the following date, place, and time:

Saturday, March 22

Serious Coffee on Blanshard at Fisgard

12 noon
It is accessible, reasonably spacious, affordable (for Victoria), and offers a range of options for food and drink. It has a wheelchair accessible washroom, free parking, and kids are welcome. It is close to a number of bus routes but not directly on any of them. Probably the closest bus stops would be on either Douglas or Pandora (one long block in either case).

I will bring my white tiger stuffie, Quentin, for recognition purposes. I may also bring paper and pencil crayons.

Hope to see a bunch of you soon!

<3, Annafel

Have a good time!

12 thoughts on “Victoria, BC Meetup March 22

  1. Damn! Precisely the weekend I am definitely too busy for a day trip from the mainland. I hope this won’t be the only BC meetup!

    1. If you stop by the forums, Victoria has a thread in the Meetups section where you can give information about what days do or don’t work for you.

  2. Ahhhh I’m so excited! A friend and I will definitely be there. Looking forward to meeting local Awkwardeers, finally!


    Aaaaahhh I hope this isn’t the only one! I am definitely there whenever I move back; I would love to meet some awkwardeers!

  4. Emmych, I would love to meet you another time! Maybe post in the Meetup thread on the forums when you’re back? =)

    And to people currently in Victoria: I am excited to meet you tomorrow!!

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