Twin Cities and Melbourne Meetups, February 16

Reminder, the Twin Cities meetup is this weekend. From organizer Michelle, who would appreciate a RSVP:

Hey Twin Cities Awkward Army!

Sorry for the short notice. This month’s meetup is this Sunday, 2/16 at Blue Ox Coffee Company! It will be at 1 PM. This time, I will have some fresh new coloring books, but feel free to bring your own activity.

Blue Ox is located in Powderhorn at the intersection of 38th and Chicago. It is next door to the SuperAmerica and across the street from Cup Foods. The address is 3740 Chicago Ave South.

Please email me at mmmf62 at missouri dot edu if you’re coming!

Have an awesome day,

And Melbourne is meeting up! Details from organizer Ali here:

Hi Captain,

At the request of a few people in the latest Darth thread, there is going to be a Melbourne meetup. On February 16 I will be at Jimmi Jamz in Brunswick from about 2pm to at least 4. They have pretty decent coffee, lots of food choices, alcohol if you are so inclined, and are right next to a tram stop (1 or 8). There’s some parking nearby, too. They’re friendly and pretty accessible for anyone with mobility impairments. Their website and menu is here:

Since this is our first meetup and I’m not sure how many of us there will be, I’m not bringing group craft supplies or anything like that–though if you want to, please feel free! I will probably have a book and be reading when you start to arrive. If you could reply to this post so I have a ballpark figure for how many of us there might be, that would be awesome.

If the weather is nice and anyone’s interested, I might be going geocaching after, and you’re welcome to join me.

I’m a short, ginger (with blue in it) type person with glasses and an obnoxious American accent. I’ll have a copy of Hark! A Vagrant on the table for bonus identification.

Apologies for the short notice–my work schedule is weird and this is the best weekend opportunity I’ll have for a while. I hope to meet some of you there!

Have a good time, Minnesota and Australia!

And heeeeeeeeey Chicago, I’m reading at the “Loose Chicks” reading series Friday night at Uncharted Books, 2630 N Milwaukee Ave, 7:15 pm. Maybe see some of you there?


11 thoughts on “Twin Cities and Melbourne Meetups, February 16

  1. Melbourne Awkwardeer here – thanks to Ali for organising it. Sobs that it clashes with my nephew’s birthday party so I won’t be there. Just want to chime in to say I hope it goes well and can be the first of …several…

    1. Possibly in April unless someone else organizes, but I definitely plan on a second if this one doesn’t crash and burn.

  2. Melbourne! I might bring a friend because of SHYNESS but not sure. Hark A Vagrant is the best possible sign you could bring.

  3. Melburnian (adopted) here! Coming. Will try not to bring husband and child, but sometimes it’s unavoidable šŸ™‚ Squee. So excited.

  4. Melbourne… I’m going to be out of town on the 16th! Bummed to be missing it, but will keep an eye out for the next!

    1. I did not make it I am sorry! I hope you guys had an awesome time. As I’m not sure where the original thread was for organising this, if you organise another one, can I ask that it be near a train station? (e.g. like Sydney Rd instead of Lygon). But thank you for organising it at all.

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