Seattle Meetup, December 4

Seattle is meeting up on December 4:

Hello, Captain! I’m writing because Seattle Attic ( – that makerspace a few of us started after meeting through your blog) is hosting a Captain Awkward Seattle meetup!
  • When: Wednesday, December 4 at 7:30PM
  • Where: Seattle Attic – suite 605 in the Pioneer Building. Entrance is on James across from the Merchant Cafe, dial “Attic” on the call box and the door will open.
  • What: Cocoa and conversation! I’m feeling festive, and every year I set myself the enormous task of writing holiday cards to all of my friends and family – I’d like to do that with some fun activity and good people around!
There will be food, there will be seasonally-appropriate warm beverages. Bring your own greeting cards/project or just come play a game or chat about Awkward things!
Please email or tweet @Seattle_Attic if you have any questions.

Additionally, Captain, if you feel so inclined – perhaps you’d be interested in linking to the Indiegogo campaign the Attic is currently running? It can be found here:

And there’s a great writeup about us on io9 here:

Yay for Seattle Attic and what sounds like a very fun meetup!

6 thoughts on “Seattle Meetup, December 4

  1. Yay, thank you for posting! Seattle Awkward meetups have always been really fun – I look forward to seeing some old and new faces this time around!

    Additional note to anyone interested in attending: We are about 2 blocks from the Pioneer Square metro bus tunnel stop. If you’d rather drive(/arrange a carpool in the comments here), parking is free after 7 in the neighborhood and usually fairly easy to find. I deliberately picked a day with no Sounders game scheduled.

  2. I think my comment may have gotten eaten – I wanted to let everyone know that the Attic is about 2 blocks from the Pioneer Sq bus tunnel stop, and that parking in the area is free and generally-bountiful after 7pm for those who will be driving or carpooling. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see some new and old faces there!

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