Twin Cities AND Baltimore MeetupS, November 24

Here’s the news from Minnesota:

Dear Captain Awkward,

Sorry about the really short notice, but there will be a meetup in the Twin Cities this weekend! The meetup last month was so successful it had outgrown it’s previous location, so I had to look all over the Twin Cities for a new venue that could fit the meetup. As a result, November’s event will have a new venue and new hours!

It will be on Sunday 11/24 at the BLUE OX COFFEE COMPANY, located in the Powderhorn neighborhood of Minneapolis. I checked it out the other day and their coffee is incredible and they have a lot of space for meetups guaranteed. I’ve also decided to move the timing of the meetup to 2 pm on Sunday, due to the cafe’s hours. Hopefully the new location and timing works better for you all.

Blue Ox is located at the intersection of 38th and Chicago, and it is next door to the SuperAmerica and across the street from Cup Foods. The address is 3740 Chicago Ave South and you can visit their website HERE.

Please RSVP at mmmf62 at missouri dot edu so I know how many are coming. Hope to see the Twin Cities Awkward Army there!

 And here is the word from Baltimore:

So this is also posted as a comment on the Meetup Page because my brain skipped over the “There is an email address” part of the post. Also this is short notice because the date was discussed on the forums and it took me a bit to find an appropriate place. There will be a Baltimore meetup on November 24th at 2pm at the Towson location of The Corner Bakery Café. My mum has told me that it is wheelchair accessible, and the online menu has vegetarian and gluten free options. It’s near the bus stop for the 55, and there is a large, free parking lot. I have blue hair and will wear a batman shirt. The address is:823 Goucher Blvd.
Towson, MD

The website for the place is, and people can email me with questions at nicothodes at gmail dot com.


All the best,


Have a great time!

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