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  1. Aaaahh, I feel this one! I’m a firm believer in trying to be as clear as possible and it always frustrates the h out of me when someone (usually a man) goes “I know you said X but I thought you really meant Y”. Maybe if we just take people at their words the world will be a nicer place.

    Also sleep catnea!

  2. Hah, nice! Chaos Life is a pretty good one too, located here: http://chaoslife.findchaos.com/ , the artist/author is agendered, ASFAB (assigned female at birth) and married to a woman, so they’ve been through a LOT of discrimination. Their comics are really funny, and sometimes very insightful and helpful!

      1. They’ve still left in ‘trans men’ under a conversation to do with women. I’ve seen a LOT of trans men really upset about it, and specifically calling it transphobic. I have to agree

        1. Yeah, it is transphobic. The most transphobic part? “Trans men!” then, in the next panel, “We’re not talking about men right now.”

          The author makes another couple of comments that rub me up the wrong way – e.g. that it’s OK for a trans man to call himself a lesbian because “identity is complicated”. I doubt that’s something they’d say about a cis man.

          I’m rather sick of smug progressives thinking they’re doing ever so well because they’ve heard the term “trans”, then failing as hard as any conservative you care to find.

  3. I really, really, REALLY don’t see the gender-essentialism Blue-Haired White Savior sees in Bald Black Transgressor’s line. “What does my girlfriend mean when–?” just doesn’t ring gender-essentialist to me. “What do women mean when–?” would. “My girlfriend” refers to a specific person (the speaker’s girlfriend), and the question is not inherently essentialist. “Women” is more general, and thus more likely to be essentialist. (You could go on about how asking other than his girlfriend what she meant to say was a poor decision on Bald Black Transgressor’s part, but I still don’t see how his line is sexist or essentialist.)

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