Forums are live!

Greetings, all! I will not be back on a regular posting schedule until my living room no longer looks like this actual photo of my living room. But good news – the forum site created by Carbonatedwit is live and accepting registrants. Go forth, hang out, converse!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a date with Billy. I believe meatballs will be served.



  1. tinyorc said:

    I love dates with Billy! Once my mother and I went on a date with Billy together and we had an awesome time. Good luck with the assembling!

  2. Anonymouse said:

    I have a question: Are the forums going to be only viewable by registered users? Right now there are no publicly viewable forums and I want to be able to read without registering (or, at least, read before registering because I’d register under my usual ‘nym).

    • JenniferP said:

      It looks to me like they forums are only readable by registered users. As in, I am not a registered user, and I cannot see them. Carbonatedwit did have some visible sample forums up showing what kinds of topics might be discussed back when they first announced their creation, but must have shifted it when actually going live. It’s something to take up directly with the site.

    • We allow multiple accounts so it’s fine if you want a reader-account and a join the discussion-account.

      • JenniferP said:

        So glad there is a perfect solution, thank you.

    • Right now we’re deciding what should be open and what shouldn’t. Some of the content will definitely be limited to registered users.

  3. rollinghead said:

    I’m terribly sorry to clog the comments with this, but I’m not getting my activation email and can’t contact an admin because I have to be logged in to do that so I’m not sure what to do… help?

    • Quisty said:

      Hello rollinghead! This is Quisty, one of the admin. Just to get the obvious questions out of the way: Have you checked your spamfilter so it didn’t caught there? And how long since you registered? The activation usually comes pretty quickly but sometimes it can take a while.

      • rollinghead said:

        It’s been a few hours and it’s not in my spambox, is there any way I could try using a different address?

        • Quisty said:

          Hey rollinghead, email us at with the email adress you used for registration and we’ll get you sorted.

    • If the email doesn’t come through, let me know.

    • Rollinghead, I activated you.

  4. jeannebean said:

    I registered yesterday; no activation e-mail yet.

    • jeannebean said:

      I just got this in my inbox:


      You recently signed up to follow one of my posts. This means once you confirm below, you will receive an email when new comments are posted.

      To activate, click confirm below. If you believe this is an error, ignore this message and nothing more will happen.

      Blog Name:
      Blog URL:

      I already get e-mail notices of new Captain Awkward posts. I was referring to the new forum. I registered yesterday, and have been waiting for an activation e-mail. So far, no joy.

    • Quisty said:

      Hey jeannebean, like rollinghead email us at with the email adress you used for registration and we’ll get you sorted.

      • Bunny said:

        Hi Quisty

        I also never got the activation email… sent an email to admin as above last night, just wanted to check it got to you okay… my email has been playing up lately.

    • Jeannebean, I activated you. You’re all set on the forum.

  5. Bunny said:

    This is so awesome! Cannot wait to get started in the forums – this is already the nicest and most enjoyable online community I’m involved with.

  6. Chocolatesa said:

    When you inbox is open again I have a story and a huge thank you to send you 🙂

  7. The forums are already full of lovely people! Should you have any problems please please contact us on the email above rather than the Captain – we all love her, let’s not give her even more moderation to do!

  8. Manatee said:

    So I’m not going to join the forums right now because I’m needing to draw some serious boundaries for myself around work/procrastination atm, but I wanted to post somewhere where you guys would see it to say THANK YOU so so much for including a ‘pronouns’ thing on the profiles. It made me feel so happy and safe. Big love to all of you doing this and maybe see you in there some time in the future.

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