Fruitvale Station

Fruitvale Station, the film about the 2008 killing of Oscar Grant by a police officer, opens in Chicago and several other cities this weekend. It stars Michael B. Jordan, who many of you will know as “Wallace” or “Vince Howard” depending on your fandom. The trailer will probably make you cry.

I have a ticket to the 11:15 am show at the AMC River East tomorrow, July 20. My plan is to see the show and then hop across the street to Fox & Obel to grab a bite. If you have some time free and want to join me, I’d sure love the company. I’ll be in the upstairs lobby between 10:45 and 11:00 am. After 11 just come grab a seat and find me afterward.

I really want this film to do well opening weekend, and I think we in the U.S.A. really need this story right now. I hope people will go this weekend, or whenever it opens near you.

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  1. He is Vince to me. So many people have evangelized about The Wire over the years, but it might just be the fact that I’m reading Alan Sepinwall’s book “The Revolution Was Televised” that will tip me over into finally watching it.

    I definitely want to see this movie – I am actually not that familiar with the events and hadn’t heard of it (that I remember) until this movie started getting press. Looks like it doesn’t open near me until next weekend.

  2. And Wallace to me. I’m all about Omar, though, when it comes to The Wire. Omar comin’ yo!

    The timing of this film is eerie. I hope you have as good as time that’s possible this weekend.

    1. I am forever a Bunk girl. “It makes me sick, mother*ucker how far we done fell.”

      (Michael B. Jordan is obvs going to be Wallace to me. He is/was terrific.)

      And, of course, this film opening when it is, is going to be bitter as well as sad. It’s not out in my area yet, but I am going to see it when it is.

  3. He’s Alex from Parenthood for me! I’m planning to see this and I’m bringing napkins in with me because I know I’ll cry.

    1. Ditto. Were you furious about how [SPOILER] they wrote him out of that show? It seemed like the actor needed to leave in a hurry, but I couldn’t figure out why from his imdb page.

  4. I live in Oakland and worked for an arts group that collaborated with the crew while this was being shot on location. The Oscar Grant shooting is such a loaded issue here — the crew tried to keep the subject of the film secret while they were shooting here, and told everyone they were filming a ketchup commercial.

    I was at a screening on Monday, and people around me were sobbing for the last 20 minutes of the film. I hope that doesn’t discourage people from seeing it, though — it feels like the sort of movie more people NEED to see. Even though only one shot is fired in the entire movie, it felt like the most realistic portrayal of gun violence that I’ve ever seen. It was a reminder that any shooting — whether or not it makes it into the headlines — is a tragedy.

  5. I also live in Oakland. I never participated in the protests when he was shot or when Mehserle got his slap-on-the-wrist sentence, but I was in Occupy Oakland and a few FTP marches, and I’ve seen Oscar Grant’s family speak at events. I feel like this is a movie I need to see, and I will at some point, but I have a lot of feels about it. You know when you’re watching a horror movie and you see a woman in a skimpy outfit going somewhere alone in the dark, and you know she’s about to die horribly because that’s how horror movies work, and you’re about to explode with dread because she’s walking very slowly and you know the monster is about to pop out any second now? I got that feeling just watching the trailer. I’m going to need to seriously gird my loins before going into a movie where I’m going to feel that way for a whole two hours.

  6. It doesn’t play in my area (NB Canada) until next Friday. How does that affect their opening weekend box office numbers? Is it counted for opening weekend since it’s the first showing here?

  7. I just returned from seeing it, and it’s all I’m going to be thinking about for weeks. What a gorgeous film. What an enraging tragedy.

  8. I just saw it this weekend. Lord have mercy – if there’s one film anyone should see this summer, this is it.

  9. I saw it in Chicago this weekend, but not with the Captain (couldn’t get out of the apartment in time) and many people in the theater were sobbing. It felt similar to reading Columbine: you know the ending, but you’re desperately hoping for it not to be true.

    p.s. he’s Vince to me.

  10. I live in Berkeley, which shares a border with Oakland. I ride BART at least one way most days. The BART transit cops are a local joke what with their bad habit of shooting people in the back (oh sorry, only if they have dark skin and are male). This particular shooting got a lot of attention because of the vids that people took on their mobile phones and then instantly shared, which wasn’t possible at the time of the earlier shootings.

    I was around when Oscar Grant was shot. I was around for all the protests. I kind of wish they’d titled it differently because the Fruitvale neighborhood is already seen as sort of marginal and that kind of thing can be self-perpetuating. But I can’t see the movie. I just can’t. But I’m really glad that they did it well, and that people are watching it. Maybe we can do another local meetup and talk about it some.

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