1. My favorite android!!! I cannot wait for her upcoming album.

    One of my basic “feeling blah” solutions is to just play Cold War and Tightrope over and over again while dancing ridiculously through my house.
    …in fact, I’m going to watch the Tightrope video right now. =D

    • JenniferP said:

      I love her style in this video. It’s like Diana Ross & Janet Jackson had an awesomeness baby that they gave Stevie Wonder & Prince to raise.

  2. Mer05 said:

    Awesome video is awesome. I’m recently de-lurked, so hi all!

  3. katmarie13 said:

    Waaaaahhh Janelle is the best! Instant pick-me-up.

  4. Quinapalus said:

    Forgive me a moment of smugness for having correctly guessed who this was going to be just as they cut from the announcer to the fluffy white coat, without having heard anything about this album.

    Now that I *have* heard about this album, of course, I’m totally stoked.

    • I find her gender presentation very interesting.

      She has a fine line to walk – she has to portray mainstream sexiness in a way which will help her label sell records and persuade people to give her airtime.
      At the same time, she’s not in a bikini and hot pants, and she’s portraying her own alternative image. The android imagery is very interesting as a way to be ‘other’ (black and female is othering enough even discounting the rumours that she is gay).
      It probably helps that she has as much talent as ten other people, though.

      • Quinapalus said:

        This comment has been sticking in my head since I read it. Is it possible that this *is* the subject of “Tightrope”?

  5. I love her so much! She is an amazing lady.

    This video is so simple and it gets me every time:

    • JenniferP said:

      Does anyone else want to see a Dune remake where Janelle Monae is the Kwisatz Haderach and Florence (of Florence of the Machine) takes the Sting part and it’s also a musical?

      Think of the songs:

      Tell Me of Your Homeworld, Usul (Love Theme from Dune)
      I Am The Very Model of A Mentat Assassin
      Walk, Walk, Walk Without Rhythm

      • msms said:

        Only if young Kyle MacLachlan, Jürgen Prochnow and David Lynch still have something to do with it… 😀

        • JenniferP said:

          Young Kyle M. is gone forever, I’m afraid, but a cameo from current Kyle might be allowed.

      • Yes! “The Spice Must Flow” as a first act closer?

        Am trying to decide whether Jessica and Chani should be played by men or women.

        • Decided: Irina Mendel as Jessica. Women all the way.

          • JenniferP said:

            Awesome, but maybe not as Janelle Monae’s mom?

          • Colourblind casting?

            (Just for the record: Idina Mendel! I knew that!)

          • JenniferP said:

            Colourblind casting (of immediate family members) doesn’t really work in movies. There are awesome black singers & actresses! And Idris Elba for her dad.

          • OK, you’re the expert! And Elba would (of course) be cool.

            I want Idina as Duncan Idaho or Gurney Halleck, though.

            And yes, there is no shortage of maternal-age black women who can sing.

          • JenniferP said:

            Idina can be in the movie! We can switch genders all up over the place. 🙂

      • Chris J. said:

        I used to work with a guy who was into opera, among other things. We agreed that it would be impossible to make a really good movie of Dune (too much stuff for two or even three hours), but he thought it would be perfect for opera. I’d be willing to give that a try.

      • Yeah, I’d pay good money to see that happen.

      • Jess said:

        YES I TRULY WOULD LIKE THAT VERY MUCH. Please to use your big-time Hollywood connections to make this happen?

  6. JJ said:

    EEp! Best way to start the day! Thanks Captain!!!!

  7. unlurking said:


  8. Sara F said:

    This video and song reminds me of Outkast. Methinks I’m going to have to get a copy of her album!

    • JenniferP said:

      If you like Outkast you’ll probably love her. THIS is my jam:

      • Sara F said:

        Many thanks! LOVE it!

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