St. Louis Awkward Meetup

It was nice to get this in my inbox this morning.

Hi Captain,

I am pleased to announce the first ever St. Louis Captain Awkward Meetup! Come out and meet your fellow Awkwardeers!

Where: Shameless Grounds Coffee House
1901 Withnell Ave. (at the corner of Withnell Ave. and Lemp Ave.)
Saint Louis, MO 63118
(314) 449-1240

When: Sunday, July 28, 2013, 1pm – 4pm

Accessibility: Shameless Grounds has a few steps leading up to their front entrance, but their back entrance is accessible, look for the black gate with the standard blue accessible sign. The bathroom in Shameless is a single unisex room that locks.

Parking: Street parking available, no meters.

Transit Options: The #73 Metro bus stops at Lemp Ave. @ Utah, which is 256 ft. away from Shameless Grounds, according to Google.

Food options: Shameless has vegan, vegetarian and meat-centric options available on their menu. Several items on their menu also look to me to be gluten-free, but as I don’t follow a gluten-free diet I cannot say so for sure.

I am a long-time lurker so I don’t have a commenting handle I can direct people to, but my Twitter is @CaitlnMoriarity if people want to connect with me beforehand. A friend and fellow Awkwardeer will be co-hosting with me. We will have a sign that says “Awkward Meetup” on it.

– Caitlin

Have a great time. And if you’d like to arrange your own meetup:

  • Choose a time & date
  • Choose a venue
  • Let me know when & where
  • I will post it
  • People will (hopefully) come!



9 thoughts on “St. Louis Awkward Meetup

  1. Om my gosh. Oh my gosh. I am a longtime lurker and have not had enough gumption to de-lurk but I am incredibly excited for this meet-up. I will definitely come to it. I didn’t even think that there would be an awkardeer meet-up so close to me. This is a welcome surprise.

    1. I’m excited you’re excited! I’m so glad to meet another Awkwardeer in person.

  2. Do we have enough people who would be interested in a New Orleans meet up? I’d be down to organize if so.

  3. Hooray for STL! I’ve never been to Shameless Grounds. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it! 🙂

  4. I’m a lurker except for this comment ahaha. I’m really excited to see we’re doing an STL meetup… unfortunately I can’t make it, have a prior engagement. I just wanted to say that if it goes well, I hope you have it again! Hopefully my schedule will work then.

  5. How silly is this, I thought this was the 29th because I’m horrible with numbers. But I happened to be there out on the patio eating lunch during this time… AND my girlfriend who works at Shameless was asked to work this extra shift because there were a couple groups meeting… BUT it still didn’t click!!! I’m so frustrated with myself! And we left early because it was a beautiful day and she has beautiful bosses and they let her take off and we went on a beautiful motorcycle ride. So if anyone noticed two chicks on bikes that was us and I’m bummed I forgot but really hope there is another meet up!!

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