IndieFlix Giveaway Winners

Hello, I finally had a second to run y’all through the Random List Generator and can give 10 2-month IndieFlix subscriptions to the lucky recipients.

Winners are: (Crossed out = I sent you the code already, not a mark of any kind of deletion)

  1. Hexiva
  2. Puck
  3. Jill
  4. Ada
  5. LilyR
  6. Susan Haney
  7. girlnamedxena
  8. Yael Daphna Saar
  9. Mercy– Yaaay!
  10. Marie (This Marie, we have several on the site).

Please send me an email at welcometoawkwardtown at gmail dot com confirming a good email address to reach you and I’ll send you the subscription. Anything unclaimed by Friday  5pm CDT will go to the next folks down on the randomly generated list.

Thanks for participating, and let me know how you like the movies.

5 thoughts on “IndieFlix Giveaway Winners

  1. Hey, I sent an email, didn’t you get it? *sigh* *goes to check email for error messages*

    1. I’ve sent another email from a different email account, and not gotten a response, please don’t give my slot away to someone else?

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