I am bored with the current WordPress theme and am going to try a few out over the next week or so. This will happen at random & without warning.

What you should know:

  • I have a way to live-preview how they look, but to actually know how they will work and if I like their functionality I have to go live with them for a bit.
  • I am only using free basic templates, and since I am trying stuff out, I am not going to sink a lot of effort into messing about within them unless it’s going to become a real fixture. I know there are many talented web wizards here, but this is not in-depth “LET’S OPTIMIZE THIS!” time.
  • This is a notice so you’re not weirded out when you come to the page, not a poll or a discussion. Comments on this post are closed, and I would ask that you please do not hijack question threads/topical discussions for feedback about template stuff. I’m telling you up front that it stresses me out  (even when it’s positive) more than it helps me. Please roll quietly with it for a bit and hopefully we’ll end up with something that works.

I’m working on climbing Mount Gradebook and answering another question that ties in really well to all the party/invitation/manners stuff we’ve been talking about recently. Thank you for your patience and for reading! Pardon our dust! As you were!