Bristol, Sheffield, & Asheville Meetups

A stuffed toy penguin in a martini glass
Wilfred the Tipsy Penguin

The Bristol Awkward People are having a meetup on Saturday, May 4 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm at The Watershed Cafe. More details are at their Facebook group here.

There will be an meetup of Ye Awkward Folk in Sheffield on May 25. Details:

Hi!  I’m baroquemongoose, and I’m arranging a meetup at the Blue Moon Café, Sheffield (UK) on Saturday 25 May.  Please contact me at by Saturday 11 May if you’re going, so that I can reserve a table; it can get busy in there.  (This is a disposable e-mail address to limit spam.  It forwards to my real address, and you’ll get a reply from that.)

Sheffield city centre is both expensive and irksome to park in, so I recommend that you either travel by rail or park further out on one of the tram routes.  If you come by rail, get onto the main footbridge from the platform (there are lifts, although the one on the central platforms isn’t well signposted – you’ll find it on Platform 5, tucked behind the stairs next to the large waiting room) and then head the opposite way from the main exit.  This will take you to the Supertram stop.  Stay on the same side of the tram tracks, and catch either a blue-route or a yellow-route tram to the Cathedral.  All the information you need about the trams can be found at

The café is located on St James Street, next to Sheffield Cathedral.  Alight from the tram at the Cathedral stop.  On the cathedral side of the road, face the cathedral and then turn left.  You’ll see a couple of recruitment agencies in front of you.  Turn right down the small side street where these recruitment agencies are, and the Blue Moon is just past them and on your left.  It does vegetarian and vegan food, and there is a ramp for mobility access.  If you have any specific dietary queries you can contact them on 0114 276 3443 or

I will be there from about 2.00 pm, along with Wilfred the tipsy penguin, who will be sitting on the table looking around with an amiably confused expression.  This is Wilfred [please see attachment].  I will have some games and one of those abstract-design colouring pads available, but please also feel free to bring your own games &c.  The café closes at 8.00 pm.  If anyone’s still around by that time, there is a nice pub within easy walking distance for most people, or one tram stop away for those who can’t walk easily, to which we can adjourn.

I think that probably covers everything, but if you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me.  Looking forward to meeting you!

While we’re on the subject of Meetups, as a reminder, Asheville Awkward People are meeting up on April 30. Right around the corner.

16 thoughts on “Bristol, Sheffield, & Asheville Meetups

    1. I’m planning to move to Denver soon, and making frequent trips for interviews and such! (just exactly when TBD). I’d love to go to a meetup, if it coincided with when I’m in town anyway, or in the future if it turns into a regular thing.

  1. Just to clarify, the meet-up is on 25 May. 11 May is the date by which I’d like those attending to let me know so I can book a table. Sorry about the confusion!

  2. Seattle, anybody? Some time in the middle of May? I adore these comment sections and would like to experience them in real life. Possibly with cupcakes, or at a dog park.

    1. I’ll be in Seattle for Folklife. I would love to meet others who post or lurk here.

      1. Cool, I love Folklife! I live a quick bus trip from city center, so somewhere around there would be great to meet. Not at the festival itself, though, we’d all never find each other.

        1. I’ll be getting in late on the Wednesday prior and not leaving for Montana until the Thursday or Friday after. I’ll be staying in Wallingford.
          But if you do want to find me at the Festival, I’ll be in the Roadhouse contra dancing. When not dancing I’ll likely be at a table that usually has a smily face helium balloon above it at the back of the hall.

  3. JenniferP, I hope you are giving yourself the same compassion you taught me to give to me. I’m so glad you give advice and I don’t think I’d be where I am without you. For the record, I’m 53 years old and you’ve taught me so much, you are so amazing, and I just made myself cry. For you. Don’t be afraid. Many hugs if you want them.

    1. You are very kind. I basically need to re-apply this whole post to myself right now. In the meantime, I don’t want a bunch of “Atta-girl” posts to make the people who were hurt feel more erased. We’re gonna keep it light around here for a while.

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