More UK meetups: Bristol (March 9) and York (March 2).

From Rachel Scotland:


I co-organized a meet-up a few months ago, and it was awesome so I’m doing it again.
I’ll be at The Watershed on the Bristol Harbourside, which is accessible and serves food, soft-drinks and fancy beer on the 9th of March from 2pm to 5pm.
Because I am super ambitious (and currently live in The North), I will be doing the same thing on the 2nd of March at The Graduate (a quirky but accessible pub with a standardish menu) in York. I’ll be there from 2pm to 5pm.
I’ll have a sign of some kind (in case my awesome cat jumper does not alert you to my presence) and people can get in touch with me on Twitter @FunnyGrrrl or by email on
Can’t wait to unite the awkward army again!
Rachel H. Scotland
Have the best time! And if you’d like to organize a meetup where you are, here’s how.
  1. I will definitely come to the Bristol meet-up! Very exciting!

  2. AutistLiam said:

    Looking at photos of The Graduate online I see three steps up to the main entrance. I thought I remembered it having steps.

    As I live in York, I can double-check whether it still has steps / whether they have a ramp some time in the next week and report back.

    There *are* wheelchair accessible venues in York but unfortunately I’ve been in a few which never actually thought to tell anyone that they have a ramp!

    • There are two doors. It is definitely wheelchair friendly, but thanks!

  3. alee said:

    😀 EEE!!
    Me and my partner (and probably a few of my housemates) will see you in York!

  4. Right, I’ll be wearing the Deer Jumper then. ❤

  5. Whenever people refer to Bristol, I always think of this song, although I’m pretty sure it’s not about Bristol, England, but some other one (Bristol, Rhode Island?):

    • Just looked on Wikipedia, and the reference is to Bristol, Pennsylvania.

  6. I hand in my dissertation March 8th. You guys are OK with me turning up COMPLETELY DRUNK, right? You’ll help me drown my sorrows/celebrate?

    • This is entirely acceptable to me.

      • Note to world: I almost certainly won’t actually be drunk, and even when I am, I promise I’m not more inappropriate than I am sober (which is to say, not very).

  7. Super excited for Bristol Meetup Part II- Been meaning to organise one for ages, so thanks Rachel for being more organised than me.

    Alice- Good luck during the final stretch, see you on the other side!

  8. griffykate said:

    YAY MEETUP! Look forward to seeing you fine people again, and to meeting any new faces too! ^__^

  9. Aarron Halfmaine said:

    Bristol Meetups? Sounds cool. I’ll try to be along if possible.

  10. emilymoreton said:

    Yay! I was working the last Bristol meetup, but I’m freeeee this time (and I love the Watershed, so much that at one point the staff were starting to recognise me there )

  11. NessieMonster said:

    Oooo, I should be able to make the York meet this time! And who doesn’t want an excuse to visit York for the day?

  12. Bristol Awkward Army! I do hereby invite you to a Facebook group:

    If you want to be more easily contactable by your fellow local Awkwardeers, and Facebook is your thing, then please do join. It would make it easy to shout out things like HEY AWKWARD ZOO TRIP YOU GUYS and see who wants to come along without having to go via the good Captain each time.

    Not just for those who live in Bristol UK – anyone who might conceivably come to a Bristol meetup at some point is welcome to join the group!

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