Seattle & Toronto Awkward Meetups

Play games and then eat sushi in Seattle:

Hello Captain!

Penny here (formerly commenter SadieBlake).

As promised, I have decided to organize Seattle Meetup III: Bigger and Seattler! This one is designed to be more Eastside-convenient, but by no means is it meant to exclude Seattle-proper-ites and other Westsiders.

Here’s the plan:
We will meet at The Lyon’s Den in Bothell ( on Sunday, January 13th at about noon. I will have an icebreaker social game at the ready for those who, like myself, find small talk daunting. There will be coffee, tea, smoothies, bubble tea, and noms available on the menu – including vegetarian fare, but sadly no vegan fare.

Because there is no vegan fare (and I am, in fact, a vegan), at about 3 pm I will be walking just down the street to Sushi Zone (, because it is my very favorite sushi place and DOES offer vegan options. Any and all are welcome to join/follow me there for their $1.25 conveyor-sushi Happy Hour.

I will be wearing a nametag that says, “Hi! I’m Awkward!” Hope to see you there.

Jakobpunkt & Copcher would like to see you at the Red Room in Toronoto!

Hey Captain, Jake here. Copcher and I would like organize a Toronto
Awkward Army meetup for February third. The deets are as follows:

Sunday, February 3, 12 noon.
Red Room, 444 Spadina Ave, near College St. (yelp link:
RSVP to so we can get a sense of numbers.

The yelp reviews say it is wheelchair accessible, but since neither of
us use mobility devices we can’t say for sure.

You can recognize us because we both have curly brown hair, and I will
be wearing a grey pinstriped fedora.

Hope to see lots of people there!

Have the best time, everyone! It sounds like the Tokyo meetup was a great time. That’s because the people in this community are awesome.

13 thoughts on “Seattle & Toronto Awkward Meetups

  1. Foxipher here. Looks like I will be missing this one, as I will be in Seattle seeing THE BOOK OF MORMON. I do so love musicals.

    Have a wonderful time!

    For any of you fannishly inclined folk, there is a filk convention in Seatac (just south of Seattle) from January 25-27th, 2013. I’m the Director of Programming over there, so if filk and scifi/fantasy fandoms are your bag, come check us out! (

  2. OK, throwing it out there…anyone at all in Edmonton? Cause if you are I’d love to meet you. And if you’re not I’d love to meet you, but the logistics are more awkward.

  3. Wish I could come to the TO meetup, but I will be working. Hope all y’all have fun. I miss the red room!!

  4. Ack! Canadian meetup PLUS FEDORAS. Sadly, I will be on a plane to elsewhere, or I would have attended.

  5. Aw man, I wish I could come to the Seattle one, but I’m busy the day of– I can help plan the next Seattle meetup, though, if that means I can finally get to one!

  6. Bothell is out of my way, but google maps says there’s a bus route for me so I’ll plan to be there around 1-ish!

  7. Red Room is itself accessible (I think the door has a lip but not a full step) but the washrooms are downstairs.

    Can’t wait to see the Seattle Awkwardeers this weekend! If folks are going from downtown, I’ll probably be zipcarring it and am happy to carpool with folks I’ve met at previous meetups.

    1. I’m in Capitol Hill/Montlake; if I remember correctly the neighborhood you’re located in I could meet you down there for a ride over (with gas money, of course)! My email address is

      1. How strange that my username changes slightly depending on which device I’m using to post!

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