Tokyo Meetup, January 2

Agnes in Tokyo would like to eat pastries with you:

Hello Awkwardeers! The Captain says she has a few readers in Japan, so I thought that now I’m a little settled into my English-teaching job I’d see if we can do a meetup in Tokyo.
I want to meet at Gontran Cherrier, home of the best pastries of all time (OF ALL TIME), on Wednesday January 2nd, 2013- can you believe how much we’re living in the future these days?- starting at noon. I can promise I’ll stay for at least an hour if you can only show up late, but I’ll probably stay there longer.

Gontran Cherrier is at 1-14-11 Shibuya, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo. If you take the Hachiko exit from Shibuya station and turn right on the street, it will be catty-corner to you at the next intersection. There’s a BIC Camera across the street on one side and a Resona Bank on the other. Gontran Cherrier is about as accessible as the rest of Tokyo, which is to say, not particularly as far as I’ve noticed.

How will you know I’m me? Well, other than the facetious answer that I’ll be THE gaijin, I’ll have a red coat with me and I’ll be wearing a feather-and-button barrette. My name is Agnes. I’ll try to get a seat in the back of the first floor, facing out.

I hope to see some of you fabulous Awkwardudes and Awkwardettes there!

So cool! I hope it’s a great time.

17 thoughts on “Tokyo Meetup, January 2

  1. This is the first event I’ve put in my 2013 datebook, which I think is a good omen for the year. Mostly I’m commenting for the email notifications.

  2. oh hai! I don’t live in Tokyo but coincidentally enough I will be there on January 2nd, so count me in.
    I’ll be the gaijin with THE feathers, assuming newbie awkardeers are welcome too?

  3. I’m a newbie (to CA, not to Japan ; ) ) as well but would love to meet up! I just looked at their website, those pastries look delicious!

  4. I first started reading CA while studying abroad in Tokyo this past spring/summer. Sending love and support in spirit! Eat some delicious pastries for me.

  5. Wish I could join, but I’m in Varkala, India until Jan 8th! Keep us posted on future meetups, please! 🙂

  6. De-lurking just to say it’s cool to see other people here in Japan! I live in Osaka, so I can’t make it, but I’ll be sending my best wishes and hope you have a blast!

  7. Blaaah I ended up making plans to do hatsumode tomorrow with friends so I won’t make it after all. 😦 Agnes et al, any way we could keep in touch for future meetups?

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