Seattle Meetup & WAM Auction

Quick reminder, there’s a meetup in Seattle tonight! It was planned a while ago, so might have fallen off people’s radar. 

Hello Captain,

Would you mind boosting the Seattle meet-up announcement?

Today, November 27 at 6:30 pm, Foxipher Jones and myself will be
hosting a Seattle meet-up, this time at Wayward Coffeehouse (6417
Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115). We will be at the large table
with the stuffed Beholder on it (a funky blue eye-monster) and I hope
to bring copies of a drawing of a Komodo dragon in a chemistry lab for people to color (bring your own pencils). Bring crafts, bring
yourselves, bring board games if you’d like! Wayward has pastries
(including gluten-free ones usually), vegetarian sandwiches, and the
drinks you’d expect at a coffee shop. Hope to see you all there.

Thanks very much!



Also, the Women, Action, and the Media! auction went live today, and one of the things you can bid on is an awkward Skype or phone session with me. Go check out the slate of very, very cool things and raise money for a worthy cause.

9 thoughts on “Seattle Meetup & WAM Auction

  1. I can’t wait to see everyone tonight! I might be a little late since I’m supposed to be working overtime tonight, but I should be able to get there by 7!

  2. Was this the one where someone had serious peanut allergies? I seem to remember something about please don’t eat peanut butter on your way out the door and that kind of thing, but that might have been another occasion. I’m going to try to get there, but probably not until at least seven.

  3. Gah. I’m moving to Seattle… Saturday. I bet there will be one in Los Angeles right after I leave too. 😛 Oh well, next time!

  4. It was a delightful time. I definitely want to organize another one. 😀

    That was me with the peanut allergy, by the way, but actually I found out some science that makes that less scary. Pretty much, as long as peanut proteins don’t get into my food, and as long as I’m not breathing in peanut particles [smell is different]), I should be fine. (Now, to control the panic reaction that occurs when smelling them, but that is my problem, not yours. 😀 )

    1. Okay, cool! I was the one with the thumb that wouldn’t stop bleeding (it did eventually). I immediately forgot almost everyone’s names, because my brain is like someone who declutters your house for you by throwing out the bills you were supposed to pay and shelving library books you were supposed to return. But it was fun.

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