London Meetup #2!

Kate has organized another meetup. Here are the details from her:

London meetup #1 was excellent, with about 15 people, and we nearly got thrown out of a library for being awesome too loudly.

So here’s London meetup #2.  This time on a weekend & in central London, by popular demand!

17th November, 11:00 am onwards, Leon restaurant, 36/38 Old Compton Street, London, W1D 4TT.


Leon have a variety of good food at very reasonable prices (soup, stew, meze, salads, cake, breakfasty stuff, etc.)  Menu here:

This branch has an accessible toilet, and I’ve made sure that the table I’ve reserved is on the ground floor.  (We’re in the back, apparently.)

I have long brown hair and glasses.  I will bring my plush Cthulhu to use as a table marker.  It looks like this:

My email address is kate DOT towner AT gmail DOT com



Have the best time! And if you’d like to organize your own meetup, here are some suggestions for how to go about it.

24 thoughts on “London Meetup #2!

  1. Is it okay if lurkers come? I haven’t commented very often, but I’d love to come by and I can do the 17th!

      1. From another lurker: hurrah! I couldn’t make it to the last one, but I really wanted to sidle in hoping nobody would notice I don’t really comment. A blanket lurker amnesty is even better. 😀

  2. I’ll be there if possible!

    My friend and I might not be able to make anti-sex cupcakes again this time round, but hopefully we should be able to come. It’s the day after my birthday, so I certainly hope that I can, it would be an excellent birthday present.

    1. The cupcakes were excellent, but it would probably be a bit cheeky to take them to a cafe which sells cakes!

      Hope you can make it, and happy birthday.

  3. Nobody has had a chance to say, so I’ll do it here: the San Francisco meetup was fun. I had to leave early, so I can’t speak to how late it went on or anything, but I know I enjoyed meeting folks.

    The place where we were meeting doesn’t open until 5, and at 4:55 I was waiting outside along with another Awkwardeer, and someone (I don’t remember names, sry) came up to ask us if we were “waiting Awkwardly”, which we agreed to just as they realized how that could have sounded.

    I hope we can do this again. I’ve been scoping out places that might work — casual, open in the evening if it’s a weekday, and close to pubtrans. (It might not be possible to find an outdoor location since we’re about to start our rainy season.)

    Thanks for being Awkward, Cap’n!

  4. Oh, how sad, I have other commitments that weekend! But I will totally be attending other things in the future! One day, London awkwardeers. One day.

    1. That’s a real shame – the rageousaurus concept is so excellent, I would have loved to congratulate you in person.

      Hopefully meetup #3 will work…

  5. I might like to come, please. I start work at 12:15 so couldn’t stay long, but I’d like to pop in and meet you all. I am mostly commenting so that I have fewer excuses to not come when it gets to Saturday morning and I’m scared!

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever commented, but I live in London and am free next weekend and may very well come. I love this site so much – it’d be great to meet people who read it as well.

  7. The last meet-up was really excellent, though I may never be able to look another librarian in the eye. I’m going to come along if my health allows. Thank you for organising!

  8. I can definitely make it this time! I will see you all at 11ish on Saturday! Looking forward to meeting everyone, especially since the last meetup sounds like such a blast

  9. Hi, unfortunately I’m a chronic insomniac as well as a chronic lurker, how long are people planning to be there for / at what degree of lateness do I have to forfeit my shiny new official grownup card (I only just got it!).

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