London Meetup Oct. 23

A London Meetup is in the works!


I am an enthusiastic lurker rather than a poster, but I thought I’d go ahead and organise a meetup anyway.  I would be happy to meet any other lurkers or posters based in London.

I will be at the cafe in Canada Water library, from about 5.30pm to 7.30pm on Tuesday the 23rd October.

(Both the library and the nearby Canada Water station have been designed with accessability in mind.  The station has step-free access from street to platform, and the library has lifts and accessible toilets.)

I will bring my Plush Cthulhu and put it on the table, for the avoidance of doubt and confusion.  It looks like this:

Because I’m going on to other stuff, I will have to eat while I’m there, and will have to leave at 7.30.  The library closes at 8.

I apologise in advance for everyone who thinks south-east London is a foreign country!  I promise the library is very near the station and difficult to miss, and if I organise another meetup when I have more choice of times I will make it more central.

My email address is kate dot towner at gmail dot com and I have long brown hair and glasses.  I like talking about nearly anything…



53 thoughts on “London Meetup Oct. 23

  1. Are there other Philly readers out there? I’m not able to organize a meet-up until the holidays are past, but I’d be very happy to show up and hang out, and if there’s interest I’d happily put something together come January.

      1. I’m in Philly and have been spending much of my commute time lately trying to figure out the best places to host a meetup. (I will spend today remembering to keep thinking/get people’s contact info so that the Captain doesn’t have to keep moderating comments related to a non-London thing in the London thread).

        1. Waving to both of you! GrouchyABD, I am reachable at scallen, then the number three, at aol dot com, and I’m ABD, too, forever and ever! (I left with the terminal masters.) We should definitely hang out.

        2. I live in the northern suburbs and work on City Avenue where Merion meets Philadelphia. I can also meet downtown near 30th St Station or one of the other downtown regional rail stations (Market East, Suburban).

          If you’re collecting a list of Philly Awkwardeers’ contact information, my pseudonymous email account is rymenhild at yah00 (without any zeros, of course).

  2. So excited to see that there are other Londonish people out there. I have mobility problems which make travelling across London really difficult so I probably won’t be able to make this but I am thrilled to see it happening.

    By the way all the learning I have done by reading Captain A and the Awkward Army have been hugely helpful for me in coming to the realisation that leaving London is a good thing to do. I am so much more disabled in London – hideous traffic, rationed parking, almost no accessible public transport etc – than I am almost anywhere else in the country (social not medical definition of disability obviously).

    So my West London flat is going on the market next week and soon I will be living somewhere – place yet to be determined – where I can Get To Things and Meet People without months of planning and painkillers.

    Thank you so much everyone! I am so excited about the future. Terrified but excited!

    1. Oh dear, I’m terribly sorry you can’t make it, and I can (try to) imagine how frustrating the tube can be.

      If you like, drop me a line and we can try to work out a better place/time for a future meetup. Unfortunately this one is – literally – my only free time in the rest of October, and that’s where I am, but we could try for a future weekend.

      And best wishes for your move. Social model of disability makes a lit if sense to me, FWIW.

    2. It’s true! It’s been a terrible wrench to say goodbye to the awesomeness of London but my body is thanking me. Good luck with your move, you won’t regret it!

    3. Bristol’s lovely, you could come hang out with us Westcountry Awkwardeers! Best of luck with the move, wherever you go. Sadly I can’t make a London meet this time around, for reasons of Almost Earning Money But Not Quite Yet, but perhaps we will bump into each other at another UK meetup sometime. 🙂 Also, your Cthulu plush is terrifyingly adorable!

      1. Ah. After scrolling back up, I see I totally just conflated you with the OP, when in fact you are a totally separate person and that plush doesn’t even belong to you. Um, sorry about that. #awkward

      1. West coast, north of California, yes. Although I did realize one day that I’ve read far more books set in London than any other place on Earth, which means my imagination has spent quite a lot of time there! I hope your meet-up goes well (imagine me there if you like).

          1. Well done, actually! Seattle is one of the three main cities in our region (along with Portland, OR, and Vancouver, BC, Canada). 🙂

    1. I passed through Ottawa while travelling over the summer – stayed a couple of nights in the old jail, saw the changing of the guard, and visited the cats of Parliament Hill. You are to be commended on your fine city, I liked it a lot!

  3. I’m a lurker living just south of London, hi! See you there next Tuesday 🙂 (I’ll email you!)

  4. Damn, it’s on a week day! Otherwise, I would definitely have made the trip (I live in Lille).

      1. That would be wonderful! I feel so left out whenever I see meetup posts. I really need to go back to the English-speaking world…

      2. Late reply here, but yes, I would be interested in a weekend day meet in London, living just slightly too far away for a weeknight one. I would organise a London one, but I don’t know its pubs/cafes well enough. Hope you guys have lots of Awkward fun on Tuesday!

  5. Hello! I’m another enthusiastic lurker who would love to meet up on the 23rd. See everyone there 🙂

  6. I’m delurking to say that I would love to meet the London branch of the Awkward Army! I don’t think I can make it until 6 or 6:30, but I’m willing to travel from North London to the far reaches of SE London for a meet-up 🙂 You’ll know me by my American accent!

  7. I’d love to come, but I’ll never make it in time on a week night (work pressure is a bit OTT right now)! Have a fabulous time, and I’m up for the next one, or for arranging one in the future! I’m in Oxford, if there is anyone else in the area who might be interested…

    1. Woah, another Oxford reader? Awesome! Do flag it up if you decide to organise one in our neck of the woods!

  8. Another lurker here who will be keeping an eye out for a friday evening or weekend meet-up. I work in West London, but it’ll only take me about 30 minutes to get there. I’d just prefer if there was some sort of activity to meet for? e.g. market or an exhibition, or something else free to act as an activity/icebreaker #awkward

    1. I’m the other way around, sorry – I’m slightly deaf, so I find it confusing and difficult to follow conversations if there’s a lot of background noise, or if people are moving around.

      Drop me an email if you have an idea though…

    2. I’m afraid I’m the other way around – I’m slightly deaf, and find it difficult to deal with conversations if there’s a lot of background noise or people moving around, sorry.

      However, please do send me any suggestions!

  9. Um, I’m confused? Could someone please be really explicit about whether this is in CANADA or in ENGLAND?

    I’m pretty sure (from the link) that it’s the original city, but someone mentioned Ottowa and I’m really good at seeing where things might be confusing so even though I can’t come no matter which of the Londons it is, I just thought I should poke up my hand and request the clarification. It’s ENGLAND, right? Londinium? Home to some of the Doctor’s Companions?

      1. Thanks for the clarification! I was confused too (and also rather excited, as coincidentally I’m going to be in the Canadian London on Tuesday for business). Ah well. Have a good time, all!

  10. Not yet sure of the work situation but I’m a south-east Londoner myself so will try my best! Thanks for this Kate 🙂

  11. Hi Kate
    I can’t make this date but would love to come to another in the future!

  12. So sorry but I can’t make it anymore 😦 Unfortunately I am completely skint until payday on Friday and can’t even top up my Oyster card to get there! I am definitely up for the next one though and I hope everyone has an amazing time and wants to do it again soon!

  13. In case anyone’s wondering, this meetup went ahead and was totally excellent. About 15 people came, and we talked a lot, and ate sex-negative cupcakes!

    The only problem was caused by the library setting, because I hadn’t considered so many people would come. So we got told off twice for being too loud, because we were laughing too much & agreeing too enthusiastically. So we were victims of our own success – not exactly a bad problem to have….

    So plans for another meetup are already in the works – a weekend next time, I promise!

    1. So glad it went off well! I was gutted not to be able to make it in the end because I had to work late – looking forward to the next meetup!

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