Sometimes Icky Ads

Hi guys,

I have a revenue-sharing agreement with WordPress where I get a small amount of money in return for showing ads.

As the U.S. presidential election approaches, things are getting weirder in the banners, especially for swing state readers.  I have no control over the ads that get posted, and everyone sees slightly different ads. What you see is based on your location, cookies, other site activity, etc. and it all happens and changes in real time. For example, I recently looked at a cute dress at Nordstrom so it’s following me from site to site, including this one.

If you see something inappropriate or offensive and you have a moment, please report it to Take a screencap if you can and write a note that says “I’m a frequent reader of Captain, I saw this ad today, it is offensive because ____. What can you do to ensure that ads like this no longer run on the site?

Maybe they will do nothing. But we are consistently in the top 100 blogs on WordPress, often in the top 25. During the Creepy Guy week in August, we were the most-trafficked WordPress site a few days running, so maybe it will have an impact. Why waste your money advertising on a site that’s not going to bring you closer to your audience?

However, you are presumably a busy person with stuff of your own to do. It will not bother me in the slightest if you use ad-blocking software. Save your eyes from things that make you unhappy.

I really appreciate everyone who reads and participates in the site. I’m not going to apologize for wanting to pick up some $ from my work here, but I also don’t want you guys seeing horrible things in the margins, either.

Disabling comments. This is just a newsletter post.