Meetups: Washington DC on Oct. 11, Seattle on Nov. 27

Hello! There are two meetups on the books.

1. From Wiley in Washington, DC:

I’m interested in doing a meetup for DC. I’ll be at Penn Social ( on October 11th at 7pm. There is a reasonable beer selection, snacks, and best of all, board and arcade games! Last time I was there I played dominoes and Skee ball. The upper level, which is wheelchair accessible (as is the entire bar), has long tables perfect for gaming and/or coloring and/or chatting. It’s very metro accessible, and reasonably priced. I’d love to meet DC Awkwardites of all stripes, but ESPECIALLY queer DCites.

2. And from Foxipher Jones in Seattle:

Hello, Seattle Awkwardeers!

I heard that the first Seattle Meetup was a hit, and I’m so glad to hear it. Some of us (including myself) could not make it, so another event or two are in the works, including this one!

On November 27th at 6:30pm, we have the two large tables reserved (20~ people since people tend to rotate in and out) at Wayward Coffeehouse, which is an all-ages geeky venue that serves organic coffee and vegetarian/vegan food, including tasty baked goods. (This is NOT Wayward Cafe, which is also a vegetarian place.) Wayward Coffeehouse is located at: 6417 Roosevelt Way NE #104Seattle, WA 98115
(the southwest corner of 65th & Roosevelt next to Ten Thousand Villages)

There is street parking on streets surrounding the venue, and it is within walking distance of the Greenlake Park & Ride as well as other bus stops. ( has bus schedules and a tripplanner). I will post closer to the event what to look for; Quartzpebble and I are planning to be there.
Please, as a favor to those of us with life-threatening allergies, do not bring nuts/peanuts to the Meetup, and please do not eat peanuts right before either, as I highly enjoy breathing.

I look forward to meeting you all.


Foxipher Jones

Here’s what you do if you want to plan a meetup where you are.

35 thoughts on “Meetups: Washington DC on Oct. 11, Seattle on Nov. 27

  1. Greenlake is a bit inconvenient for me, but this past meetup was so much fun – I’ll definitely do my best to make it November 27.

    Who was thinking about organizing our Seattle Google Group/mailing list? We should do that, still!

    1. If you are the Kristin Leigh I think you are, you should have my email address (I think?) – I believe I can forward you Google group info. I applied for membership (as it were) but I don’t think much activity has happened on it yet.

      Or I’m bad at checking things. That is also possible.

      1. I am that Kristin Leigh, Sadie, and I found it! I wound up going back to the other meetup page to look. 🙂

  2. I was just on the verge of arranging a DC meetup for that same week and neighborhood! Count me in for the 11th.

  3. Yeah meetups!

    On the “rural town” post recently there were a few people talking about a meetup in VT or NH after the new year. I enthusiastically posted but the spam filter ate my comments several times and I didn’t get it together to ask the Captain to unfilter them. Anyway, I’m very interested and will keep it in the back of my mind to maybe contact the Captain about making a similar post for northern New England at a later date. Thank you for facilitating us all, Cap’n.

    1. I think I’ve mostly un-fucked the spam queue, but there was a day that I blew up everything in it and started over, so maybe your stuff was lost. Email me when you guys pull together a date!

    1. I am one! Count me in =) (Preferably Victoria, but I would go to Vancouver if I could make it work!)

    1. I couldn’t find if I got a twitter response from the person setting up the meet, but I am planning on going to the SF meet. How are people identifying each other? As an Awkward, it’s a little intimidating to somehow figure out which group of strangers in a crowded bar I’m trying to meet? My twitter is @elisonna if any bay area people want to communicate about this.

      1. Probably late to the party, but in case you check: I am wearing orange tights and I have pin-curled red hair. I’m kind of hard to miss. If you see me awkwardly wandering, point me in the right direction!

  4. I’m a DC person who just got into Captain Awkward over the summer! I’m kind of shy about these things but I might show as well! 🙂

  5. How long is the DC meetup likely to run? I get out of a class at 7.30 so I could pop in a bit after 8 if people were still around…

    1. cass, I had forgotten that the VP debate is that night, and I’ll be heading to another part of town to watch it around 8. I hope there’ll be people hanging out still at eight, but I wanted to let you know in case you wanted to catch us next time.

  6. Do you have many readers in Tokyo? I’m moving to Japan this week to teach English, and organizing a meet-up would be a good way to jump-start my social circle with awesome people.

    1. Once you’re settled in send an email with a time/place and we’ll find out. I know there are some people in Japan but not where they are dispersed.

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