Chicago Meetup: September 16

Here’s the plan, which is to copy what Boston did and be as relaxed and informal as possible:

Commander Logic and I will be at Paciugo in Lincoln Square eating gelato between 4pm and 6pm on Sunday, September 16th. It’s located close to the Western Brown Line stop, and the nexus of the Western, Lincoln Avenue, and Lawrence Avenue buses. There is street parking and even a few city lots close by, but honestly, weekend parking sucks.

Twitter hashtag: #meetawkward

Come by, eat ice cream (they have non-dairy, no-sugar options for sure), say hello, meet fellow nice Chicago people. This is not the only time we* will do one of these things, so don’t stress if you can’t make it. No RSVP required, though if you know for sure you’re in it would be useful to have some idea of how many people to expect. Coloring books/supplies welcome.

*We = anyone in Chicago who feels like throwing a thing.

I posted guidelines for hosting your own Meetup here.

  1. RedSonja said:

    Recently surgerized knee and homework permitting, I’ll be there!

  2. aprilhl said:

    I WILL TOTALLY BE THERE! I haven’t seen you in too long anyway. BUT YAY!

    • aprilhl said:

      I will also bring my crayons and some newsprint, if I can remember.

      /me makes a google reminder

      • DarthTrina said:

        I look forward to meeting you and other Awkward Army members!

        I will also bring crayons and markers.

  3. Datdamwuf said:

    How can I find out if others in the Awkward army live in northern virginia? I’d really like to do a meet here.

      • JenniferP said:

        People might respond to your comments here, but I would suggest that both of you pick a day & time pick a venue, send me an announcement, and see who shows up.

        1) It helps if people have a way to contact or identify you – something you’ll be wearing or holding, a Twitter username, a common hashtag.
        2) Pick a public place that doesn’t require a firm head count, isn’t too expensive, and is close to pubtrans if possible. Think about accessibility.
        3) Whoever shows up shows up. Bring an emergency book in case no one does.
        4) If you plan something, you get to decide the details. Probably not every single person who wants to come will be able to make it, but they can plan the next thing.
        5) Have fun!

        • Datdamwuf said:

          thanks Captain but I’ll have to put it on my list of things to do. I’m having a hard time just going to a meetup in my area when planned by others and I suspect I’d have to set this up in DC to get a decent response which is way far for me. Maybe we need an infusion from some extroverts into the Awkward army, LOL

        • Thanks! I may do this in the nearish future. I’m preparing for a Very Important Job Interview at present, but planning is totally my forte, so!

  4. CL said:

    Awesome, I will try to come!

  5. ahn said:

    i will try to be there! i am an avid lurker.

    commander logic, you and i have casually hung out at various internet-folk gatherings and parties. back in 2004/2005, i think? my name’s andrea. you might not remember me but i felt weird about showing up without pointing it out, for the sake of probably unnecessary social transparency. šŸ™‚

    • commanderlogic said:

      Hi! I don’t remember your name, but then, I’m only good at faces. Which means I will probably recognize you but be unable to put a name to you. For real, I am so bad with names, I had a hard time with HusbandLogic’s name for the first four months we dated, and we hung out A LOT.

      Anyway! Hi! Maybe I will see you at the meetup and say “YOU! You…. YOU LOOK GREAT!” Because that’s how the terrible-with-names-great-with-faces people roll.

      • ahn said:

        it is all good! i often forget names thirty seconds after i’ve been introduced to someone. so we’ll have fun figuring it out regardless. šŸ™‚

  6. rai said:

    Shoot. I will be in chicago (lakeview area) doing an art show this weekend. Any awkwardeers or Cap’n and friends want to meet up for a quick hello?

    • JenniferP said:

      I’m personally booked this weekend but you should tell us when and where so people can drop by if they want to, and feel free to link us to your art!

    • Red Shift said:

      I will likely stop by that art show at some point. Let us know about where you’re stationed so we (at least husband and I!) can say hello and see your art!

  7. Red Shift said:

    I will be there!! Thanks for hosting!

  8. I can’t come to the Captain Awkward meetup because I am playing Dungeons and Dragons that afternoon. Somehow this seems fitting. I hope I can make it to the next one. Have fun everybody!

  9. Jay said:

    Wow. That’s, uh, about three blocks from my apartment.

  10. VoleCentral said:

    I’m a brand-new reader, and I hope to attend this. I also hope that my nom de internet is enough to keep my mom from Google-stalking me…

  11. Miriam said:

    NOOOOO I’ll be out of the country then. Any plans for another Chicago meetup in the near-future?

    • JenniferP said:

      Sorry we’ll miss you! Plan one when you *are* around, is my suggestion. How to is here.

  12. Tam said:

    Hm, that’s quite a ways from me but I might be able to make it anyway. Anyone else in the NW suburbs want to carpool?

  13. Kaesa said:

    Ooh. I’ll try to be there. Is anyone else already bringing their Fat Ladies in SPAAAAACE! coloring book, or should I bring mine? (I suppose there’s always room for more Fat Ladies In SPAAAAACE.)

    • Kaesa said:

      Actually, scratch that, I am totally bringing mine because I’d want to compare color schemes with other fat lady colorers anyway.

    • aprilhl said:

      I have been dying to get that coloring book but haven’t had the spare $$$ yet. I’d love to see what’s in it!

  14. NinaG said:

    So I just discovered this site today… and I just moved to Chicago…hmm…if I do come, I’ll be late

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