Seattle Meetup: Thursday, September 20th

This just in:

Captain Awkward! and assorted other Awkward Militia,

I want to have an Awkward Meet-up in Seattle!  And since I get to pick…

Details: Thursday September 20th at 5pm at Solo Bar in Lower Queen Anne.

I’m not a regular commenter, but I’m lurky-lurker, and my handle (I
think? the, like, two times I have commented) is Maria Tee-Rex, which
links to my bloggity blog, which is neverstopsayingmaria.
I don’t tweet, so I have no hashtags, but it would be very nice if
other people wanted to.

Let me know if there are dozens of other folks planning get-togethers
in Seattle, but otherwise, alert the media!


Maria Tee-Rex

Thanks for arranging this, Maria Tee-Rex. Will you have some kind of sign or emblem or balloon so that people will recognize you when they get to the bar?


69 thoughts on “Seattle Meetup: Thursday, September 20th

    1. Though I was super excited to come to the Seattle meetup, I have an opportunity to see a beloved friend before he leaves the country for 3 months, so I’m going to do that instead. Maybe I’ll organize the next Seattle meetup! 🙂

      1. Boo! Though, yannow, that sounds like a pretty good reason. I haven’t seem you in FOREVER – you should definitely organize the next one! Plus, another dear friend was planning on coming tonight & she’s fallen ill so I know it would be appreciated by others as well.

  1. This is relevant to my interests! I shall make a note in my calendar. How long will you be going on for? I work in Redmond so getting there at 5 is a bit tough.

  2. With Regard To Meetups and “Timeliness”

    I, a citizen of Chicago, will be unable to make it to this fine Seattle-based gathering. However! I would like to note that the “start time” for a casual meet-up is not enforced by the punctuality police. There is probably not a program of events that you will miss by being “late”. Think of meet-up times as a window of opportunity rather than a rigid, doors-locking, required attendance thing and that’ll be much more in the spirit of the thing.

    You CAN show up starting at 5, but drop in when it’s convenient TO YOU. 6:13, for example. Or 7:49.

    Unless I’ve totally overstepped my bounds here and late arrivers will be interrupting a planned and hushed ground-flute performance of the Battlestar Galactica soundtrack. In which case, apologies!

  3. I’m also interested. Probably couldn’t get over there until 6/6:30ish. I work until 5pm in Bellevue and live there as well. If any Eastsiders need a ride or would like ride together so we can use the HOV lanes, maybe we can figure something out? Let me know.

        1. Sounds great. I’d be happy to drive – I don’t drink, so I’m all for being a DD. How can we talk about this some more and set up plans? I can make a gmail for this and post the addy here? Anyone have another idea that might be better?

          1. could I come to? I’ve moved up here recently and can never find my way around in queen anne, plus parking and traffic is always a nightmare (can you tell that I’m not from around here?)

    1. I work downtown Bellevue and would love to hitch a ride if you have seats available! Otherwise, bus it is!

  4. Oh, man, I was really looking forward to a punctual, 5 pm ground flute Battlestar Galactica performance. It just doesn’t sound the same at 5:05. :p

    Also: yay! I finally live somewhere where stuff happens! If I can at all find the means and motivation (new job = no idea of schedule, plus one car household = SadieBlake on a bus), I would love to come be awkward with the rest of the Awkwardeers!

    Put me down as a definite maybe; and if I make it, I’ll be arriving on Gandalf Time (not late, nor early, but precisely when I mean to). 🙂

  5. Just in time for almost my birthday! I’d love to come! Might be late depending on when I work that day, but I’ll certainly keep the evening open.

  6. Maria Tee-Rex here! I was planning on having a sign of some kind (and I will be the girl alone in the bar with the sign that says “awkward.” ha.) and no worries, mostly happy hour starts at five, and a very fine happy hour it is.

    Excited to meet you all! I will have a sign! Also cat eye glasses and will probably be knitting!

  7. Oh man! I am also a lurker that lives in Seattle! I will definitely be there if I can!

  8. I’m in Vancouver and can’t make it, but hold a meetup on a Saturday and I’m there.

    1. I’m in Victoria. I could also do a Saturday if a meetup was planned on that day in Vancouver or Seattle. Until then, I wish the best of times to the Thursday night crowd!

    2. Me three. I would come on a Friday or Saturday, if there’s another Seattle meetup in the future. Have fun, y’all!

    3. Me four! I have classes early Friday and live in Olympia, so I can’t go and then come back and sleep enough, sadly.

    1. I just emailed you at the awkwardcarpool address and totally forgot to mention that I can get to Bellevue or Redmond pretty easily if need be.

      I should know better than to try and communicate before coffee has happened. =/

  9. Another Seattle lurker here happy to see a meetup planned. Thank you. I will plan on being there.

  10. Oh man! I’m a Seattleite lurker but I’m just shy of 21. Can I just sit outside the bar door and be awkward?

    1. I suggest that down the road you plan your own thing not at a bar! Of course, down the road, you’ll be 21. 🙂

  11. Another Seattle lurker here! I’ll be working that night (SADFACE), but wanted to add an enthusiastic HELL YEAH in support of this endeavor. 🙂

  12. I’m so excited about this! Even more excited that I already know some of you (Hi Maria & Foxipher!). I’ll definitely try to be there, though also won’t be able to get there right at 5. I was just getting jealous of the Chicago meetup so this is the perfect antidote. See y’all Thursday!

  13. Hello,

    It was lovely to meet you lot. Also kudos to Maria Tee-Rex for picking the venue, it was ideal. Also, I’m very sorry about everything that I spilled on everyone. Billy Idol and SadieBlake, thank you for the rides, and I am sorry about the mess I left in your cars. You should be able to bleach it out. hypatia, IM me when you would like to have lunch, and we can see what Chef Tim has to offer.


  14. What a total blast! It was so lovely to meet everyone, and I’m definitely looking forward to the next time – we all seemed to agree that we should do this again.

    1. Awesome to meet you, and hopefully next time we won’t catch each other coming and going!

      I’m also thinking about a crafty event on a Saturday mid-October if I can find a good venue. Do you know anywhere that would be good for that?

      1. I have a pretty big living room (in Bellevue), but:
        * I get uncomfortable with many people in my space for longer than 4 hours.
        * I’m concerned about messiness – so knitting is fine, fingerpainting isn’t.

        I also have many boardgames.

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