Yay, Boston!

Hulk smash ice cream
Photo by Santos Gonzales, used under a Creative Commons license.

A report from General Expression:

“I’m happy to report that the Boston Awkwardeers Army meet-up yesterday was extremely successful! We had over a dozen people show up, and happily and awkwardly chat with each other. The event started at 6 pm, and the last people didn’t head home until almost 11:30 pm!

General Expression (here referring to herself in the third person)
would also like to officially make clear that she is not in charge of
ALL Boston-area meet-ups, only the one that just happened, and in fact will definitely not be putting anything together during the academic year. So other people should feel free to step up and organize; we had a few people offer yesterday to possibly do just that in upcoming months.

Also, I hope people will feel free to share info about their blogs and online homes; there were a lot of pieces of paper floating around yesterday, but I’m sure that everybody didn’t catch everybody else’s handles and blog addresses! General Expression can be found here: http://currentconductor.blogspot.


If anyone wants to organize a meet-up in other places, here is what I suggest you do:

1. If you are the organizer, you get to pick the day, time, and place that works for you. There is no magic confluence of events that works for everyone, so don’t worry about it.

2. When picking a venue, consider: 1) Proximity to public transit/parking situation 2) Accessibility 3) Something inexpensive with a varied menu 4) A safe, public place (Don’t invite strangers to your dodgy 4th floor walk-up or basement!) 5) Something where you don’t need a reservation or definite headcount ahead of time.

3. Email me an event announcement and I’ll post it. Consider sharing your Twitter handle or creating a hashtag there so people can get in touch with you directly if they want.

4. Have a good time meeting cool awkward people.

32 thoughts on “Yay, Boston!

  1. I had a great time! I was glad to meet everyone.

    I was the lady in yellow with the yarn. Feel free to pop over to my nascent blog, carbonatedwit.com.

  2. I’m glad it went well, and I hope there’s another one sometime! I wanted to go, but was busy until about 8:30–if I had known people were still there then, I would’ve popped over afterward.

  3. Yesterday was a blast! I was the game designer who threw a smoke bomb and vanished after the first hour or so. Sorry I had to jet early, and I hope to catch you all again soon.

    Thanks to General Expression for organizing!

  4. I, too, had fun awkwardly meeting people and eating ice cream! (I was the one all in black with the Little Mermaid hair.)

    I blog irregularly about whatever books I have read lately at bloodygranuaile.livejournal.com. Reviews may or may not make sense to other people; I do it so I don’t forget what books I’ve read and what I thought about them.

  5. So many awkward new faces! It was lovely to meet you all 🙂 I don’t have a blog, but I would definitely go to another meetup sometime…

  6. It was wicked fun! I definitely went expecting to book it out of there at eight and ended up being one of the people who didn’t leave until almost midnight. And now I am stuck in the awkward position of having to woman up and be like “Hey so and so will you be my friend? Pls circle Y or N.” Victory at meeting new people!

    What I am saying is, I had lots of fun and I really hope someone sets one up again sometime.

  7. Thank you again to General Expression for setting this up. I was really bummed that I ended up having to miss it.

  8. General Expression (here referring to herself in the third person)
    would also like to officially make clear that she is not in charge of
    ALL Boston-area meet-ups, only the one that just happened, and in fact will definitely not be putting anything together during the academic year.

    Good jobbe using your words to set boundaries! lolz

    Srsly, sounds like it was fucken awesome, and kudos to you for taking the leade this time.

    1. May I just ask why you often comment in Olde Englishish speech? I’m not trying to be rude, but I see you all over the internet doing so and I’m genuinely curious, if you do not mind sharing. Of course, if you want to use your words and set your boundaries, I certainly understand.

  9. I so wish I could have made it, but some days, Boston is SO FAR. (I’m your libertarian neighbor to the north). Awesomeness.

  10. Rowdy and I had a great time at the meetup! Lots of nice awkward people, crayon art, ice cream, and great discussions with cool creative/nerdy folks. 🙂

    I informally volunteered to organize the next one, which I’d kind of like to do in a month or two, but please understand from the “informally” and “kind of like” that I am not guaranteeing I’ll make this happen, and anyone else who wants to organize a Boston area meetup should feel very welcome to do so.

  11. Yeah, so I lied about showing up and explaining the fuck out of human interaction for two hours. I hung around and explained the fuck out of human interaction for more like five and a half hours. 🙂 I live like a mile away, tho’, so I wasn’t in any danger of getting stuck if the T stopped running.

    I was passing around an awful lot of the pieces of paper, so in case you lost yours, I’ll just note here that you can find my blog at http://ariflynn.blogspot.com/. I encourage you all to blog-stalk me. I cannot lie; I am a COMMENTS WHORE.

    1. I am so glad you commented here because I have been trying desperately to find the scrap of paper with your URL on it!

  12. It was a great event! It was wonderful to meet everyone…I was the musicologist of color by the way. Currently, I’ve got no fancy blog…but maybe one day! General Expression…the thought I didn’t finish for your class about some non-traditional countries, was maybe throwing in something from the US (first New England school?) or the UK? Anyhow, whatever you do, it’ll be great!

    1. I’m kind of sad that I didn’t get to listen to you and General Apathy talk more, because you guys were having fascinating conversations. Also, I meant to ask and then forgot: you said you played the banjo, right? Clawhammer or fingerpicking or both or other or…? I go back and forth trying to learn the two because I love the way fingerpicking sounds best, but my fingers have Feelings about moving like that so I end up going back to clawhammer because, you know, at least my hands do not flip out but, yes. Banjo! I love the banjo!

      1. I fingerpick…though I always feel like I need to learn to clawhammer in order to be fully well rounded…and because it would help me when doing some old old minstrel style stuff…but…I just haven’t gotten around to dedicated some time to the clawhammer…but I totally will! Maybe this coming school year?

        Though, what I really want to do is get a midi banjo and then program random samples into the upper frets (things like sounds of traffic, or quotes from the Stepford Wives, politicians speaking, and whatnot) and then crafting freaky elctro-accoustic weirdness!

        Anyway I *love* love the banjo, too!

          1. This is a more complicated question than you know! Okay, so Taylor Swift, like a not so insignificant number of country folks who are adding some banjo sound, are actually playing a six-string banjo tuned like a guitar. These instruments are sometimes called guitjos or banjitars. They are strummed with a pick like she does, or sometimes finger picked…people have been playing them for a long time.

            Okay, but here’s the thing. Many 5-String banjo players will often get all up in arms and say things like, “That’s not a real banjo–real banjos have 5-strings!” or “She can’t play the real banjo.” etc. Now Tenor banjos have only four strings and are also often played with a pick and nobody says tenor banjos aren’t real banjos. I think a number of banjo players have this sort of anxiety about guitars because they are so popular and eclipsed the banjo in popularity in the 1910-1920s and are just really hostile to anything that smells like a guitar.

            So…she plays the six-string banjo and does it as well as she plays guitar.

          2. I am eavesdropping on this post, but this is a RAD answer. All of the history and (not knowing anything about it) what seems like a fair representation of varying opinions of banjo players. 😀

          3. Thanks! There are a lot of banjo players that hide really regressive social politics under the guise of valuing “authenticity.”

    2. omfg I just left an awesome/largely awkward comment about the banjo and asking of you played clawhammer or fingerpicking and how much I love fingerpicking but my fingers have Feelings about moving like that so I keep ending up going back to clawhammer even though I don’t like the way it sounds as much and then I hit post and my computer *ate it*.

      Recap: I am sad that I did not get to listen to you and General Apathy talk more because you guys were having fascinating conversations, and also I wanted to ask you if you played clawhammer/fingerpicking/both/other/etc banjo.

    3. Hi Trooper6! Thanks for the follow-up; your point about non-traditional countries is a really good one. I’m a casual shape-note fan, so we can always throw some of that in there. 🙂 And I do still have that little piece of paper, so I will be e-mailing you soon!

      Time to go pick my two contrasting pieces of music for the first day. 🙂

      1. I think shape-note would be really neat–especially if you are doing some kyries. It’ll be neat to see how they interpret the musical-religious function of a shape-note piece verses…I don’t something like Mozart’s Requiem.

        Anyway, best of luck for your first day of class!

  13. Oh, dang, I meant to go to that! If there’s another Boston meet-up that’s not during my busiest week of work + con prep, I will be all over that like the proverbial white on rice. It sounds like it was (totally unsurprisingly) awesome!

    1. I was hoping to go but it was kind of an awkward time and I couldn’t get rid of my kids. Plus I haven’t ever commented before! I do hope there will be another in a few months.

  14. Aw I wish I could’ve been there! I might be able to organize one for NYC, but I’m not sure what it entails. Should I just pick a time and venue and see who shows up? Get an RSVP list and make reservations? Anyone have advice?

    1. Just find somewhere where people can show up and hang. Better if you don’t have to pay to hang out. It should be easy to find for people unfamiliar with the immediate area. It’s good to have places to sit and to be right next to a source of yummy like a coffeehouse or ice cream place.

      It could also be “show up for dinner” but that tends to work against people who can’t buy dinner out very often. So a park or something is great. Other than that, don’t bother with an RSVP list or anything, just have something easily identifiable like a sign or a large stuffed animal or something.

      So, yeah, pretty much, it’s “I’m gonna be in the park at X and Y streets from A to B o’clock on DDMM. Look for the giant orange dinosaur.” Or, you know, whatever.

  15. I want to do this in the SFBayArea area. I’d prefer to HELP do it, but I’ll just DO IT MYSELF if need be.

    Please, anyone in the SF area, please reply here just to say that you’re interested. Nothing else required yet: just want to know if it’s even worth pursuing further.

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