62 thoughts on “Pure joy.

    1. Everyone — watch this crazy video !!! Recorded in 1974 in FAKE English the dance # is spectacular, in a pre disco, Busby Berkely, lots of mirrors way…

      1. I’m a native speaker of English and I always wondered what English sounds like to someone who isn’t. This might actually be it.

  1. Impromptu dancing by old folks and kids. I can’t watch this without getting all misty.

  2. Yay!! I love dancing videos so much! Pure happiness!!
    I will go back and watch everyone else’s but here are the first two favorites I thought of:

    Steven Colbert dancing montage – I Don’t Feel Like Dancing
    I am compelled to jump up and dance around to this one – it’s happening again right now – ahhhh

  3. Next, Dancing at the Movies – a collection some wonderful person made from 40 different movie dance scenes to Footloose. LOVE!!

  4. This one is summer and sunshine – these guys made Party in the USA my favorite song for an entire year. I could not stop watching this video:

  5. This is one of my favorite happy making videos of all time. Its a fanvid for Narnia with the song Leaning on a Lamppost and its happy and Lucy and Tumnus.

  6. I’m shocked no one has rec’d Gangnam Style, yet!

    I think my favorite part is the little kid with the killer hair at the beginning.

    1. Hells yes! It is so silly and hip at the same time. Love it. The little kid is great, but I also love the woman in drag in the yellow suit,

  7. I can’t get enough of the early 1970’s Soul Train line dances. So many great fashion moments, some super hot dancing, and such a spirit of joy and enthusiasm and fun:

    And I loved Fatboy Slim’s Praise You when it came out. I love bad dancing as much as I love good dancing:

  8. And this one from the Maccabees! Half kissing and half dancing! It’s on my “Is this not happiness?” video playlist on my iPod.

  9. Something for the space explorer in us…
    Go Curiosity!

    “We’re NASA and We Know It (Mars Curiosity)”

    Good luck with your film.

    1. And if you like dancing scientists, how about dancing particle physicists?

      And dancing biochemists?

  10. The dance only version of the Korean band Shinee’s Lucifer video. There’s a normal music video version that I couldn’t care less about, but the dance only rehearsal version is so great it breaks my heart. Their adorable work out clothes yet carefully styled hair! The hard to film stripes! The perfectly, eeriely great synchronization. All so cute.

  11. Sorry — I can’t shut up. Here is a great piece by young bad boy choreographer Michael Clark, from 1983, with costumes by Leigh Bowery, and a song by the Fall. Great dance surrealism and joy. And giant underpants. I think it may be from “All Hail the New Puritans”:

    1. Hmmm. Fail. Trying again (if it doesn’t work, the link is okay–it’s for Kate Miller-Heidke’s Can’t Shake It, which is amazing).

  12. I’m gonna have to go with this wonderful band, they just released a new album too! The song is Anna Sun, by Walk the Moon:

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