Movie Madness

Hello, gentle readers.

I’m shooting a short film tomorrow morning. The script is by Nicole-Henriette Pirnie. It’s about two people on an awkward first date. They have Googled each other…too much. So, even though I should sleep because I have a 6:15 am call time, I am excited like a little kid on Christmas Eve because it’s the first thing I’ve directed since The Wardrobe. We’re going release the film online here sometime this fall.

I have had movie-brain so haven’t been hanging out online the past few days (except for Twitter…always Twitter), so comment moderation/reading & answering emails/thanking people for their amazing donations has been very spotty. That’s not likely to change in the next 72 hours, so if you’re fascinated by the discussions we’ve been hosting here lately here are some recs for places to continue them. First, did you see where our discussion of creeps made Citizen Radio’s podcast? If you want to read more about what we might be able to do to change rape culture, check out this excellent post  about some things we could actually do to prevent rape. I also really liked Arabella Flynn’s tale of the Gronkulated Fleebwanger which breaks down how creepiness is about entitlement, not social awkwardness.

Sleep well, internet. Enjoy this photo of hummus.

A plateful of hummus

Hummus. Photo by me.



  1. not to kiss your ass CA but your blog and the Awkward (awesome) Army mean so much to me. A constant source of internet love, and you have also helped me find a blogging community of my own (in our words, so so great) so rock on long into the blogosphere.

    • JenniferP said:

      Thanks for the kind words, Matthew!

  2. Anathema Device said:

    That hummus looks delicious! Mmm hummus.

  3. NessieMonster said:

    Mmmmmmm, hummous. 🙂

    Also, yay filming! Enjoy!

  4. Hummus! I LOVE humus! 🙂

  5. BlackHumor said:

    Now I want some hummus… but I don’t have any. 😦

    Hope your film goes well, though!

  6. Sheelzebub said:

    I am so excited for you! I WANT TO SEE THESE MOVIES.


    • JenniferP said:

      The hummus is from Semiramis on Kedzie Ave in Chicago. That place rules.

  7. I am so enjoying that picture of hummus, but I also do not have hummus.

  8. Hadar said:

    Where can I see The Wardrobe?

    • JenniferP said:

      Donate any dollar amount to the site via PayPal ( and I’ll send you a link to The Wardrobe!

  9. ks said:

    Good luck with your directing.

    Also, I love hummus and now I want some.

  10. monsterzero said:

    I have hummus! But I do not have baba ghanoush. 😦

  11. Copcher said:

    Wow, I very much enjoyed that photo of hummus. Also, may I make a suggestion for anyone who enjoys pickled things? Pickled green beans. They have basically everything a pickled cucumber has, but like a zillion times the crunch. Also, sometimes they’re spicy.

    Good luck with the film, Captain!

    • Spicy pickled green beans = staple ingredient of the Southerner’s Bloody Mary. I used to know a bartending lady who dumped the pickle juice right in, as well.

      • Hah! Fitting that I was logged in as my food blog for that comment. I’m Tanglethis, actually.

      • Copcher said:

        That sounds like the most delicious drink ever. I first encountered pickled green beans as the garnish in a Caesar. So good.

  12. This post solved what I want to eat for dinner. I’ll take that plate of hummus right off the screen, pleez.

    • JenniferP said:

      Better: Sumac.

  13. Featherless Biped said:

    Movies? Delicious hummus? Rock on!

  14. My goodness, that hummus! I want to eat it all.

  15. guest said:

    That picture makes me homesick–I used to eat all the time at a Greek restaurant in Oakland where the hummus looked like that.

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