Summer Pledge Drive: Give me a dollar and I’ll give you a movie.

Mannequins in the hallway, waiting to be put away.
Production Still from The Wardrobe. Photo by Mari Provencher.

Dear Readers,

It’s the time of the year where I ask folks who want to support the site to throw a few $ in the tip jar if you can.

Here’s a link to contribute using PayPal. If something funky happens with the link (and something funky may well happen), my PayPal account is the same as the email address for the site:

Here’s a link to contribute using Dwolla (free to anyone in the USA with a bank account).

Contributions are not tax-deductible. To be blunt, every contribution means less freelance work I have to hustle for in the next few months which means I can continue blogging, continue eating, and do some actual screenwriting(!) for a change.

This year, I will offer a download of my short film, The Wardrobe as a thank you for donations of any amount. What happens when your wealthy lover tries to remake you into who he thinks you should be? Disturbing things, that’s what. Based on a short story by Australian author Danielle Wood, the movie is an homage to Vertigo, The Twilight Zone, and every makeover montage in every movie ever where you liked the “before” version better.

Anyone who donates will get an email (within 24 hours-ish) with a download link and the password to watch the Vimeo version so you can watch the film however is convenient for you.

In the past the thank you reward for donating was an awkward short story I wrote called The Best Dog In The World, about when you know you have to break up but you’re not quite ready yet. If you missed out then, here you go.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, and thank you always for your loyal readership, constructive and insightful comments, and always-interesting letters.
You can support the site at any time, of course, but you’ll see a reminder and a link to this post somewhere in every question/answer for the next week.

27 thoughts on “Summer Pledge Drive: Give me a dollar and I’ll give you a movie.

  1. I must admit, I just donated MORE than $1 and I feel like a cooler, awesomer, more pleasantly fragrant person for it. RECOMMENDED (though to be honest, $1 would have made me feel equally cooler, awesomer, and more pleasantly fragrant. That’s a lot for a dollar, y’all!)

  2. fyi, paypal link sent me to a generic paypal page without your e-mail and with $200 filled in as amount to send (!). all of which i smoothed out, no problem, just letting you know. also, if people designate this as a payment to friends and family, then they can pay the fee and save that little bit more money to go into your coffers.

    1. Holy shitte, that is NOT what I set up at ALL. This whole asking-for-money thing is awkward, but that is truly AWKWARD!

      So. Anyone can skip the whole link business, log into their PayPal, and send money to

      I really appreciate it. I have to go to work now but will start sending out thank yous (and movie links) this evening or tomorrow morning.

    1. I’m still tweaking some of the upload stuff. Links should go out tomorrow morning (US time) and steadily after that.

  3. Done! Wish I could send more, but oh well, artist’s wages. Still, I hope it helps!

    CANNOT wait to see the movie! Although, is it super scary? Will I need a pillow?*

    *to hide behind

      1. We’ll see huh?! I’m pretty easily scared (I grew up without a tv, and it means the Big Movie People are like, woah intense)

  4. I linked to Paypal from the hyperlink that was embedded in your sentence, “You can support the site at any time, of course, but you’ll see a reminder and a link to this post somewhere in every question/answer for the next week.” It worked just fine for me and I’m happy to support you and this blog. It’s by far my favorite blog and find something useful and meaningful that applies to my ordinary life and situations no matter the topic you address. Thanks!

  5. Since this appeal was buried by a more recent post, have you considered reposting it with a postdate, and leaving it up for a week or so?

    1. Hi, I’m going to link to it of all the questions for the next week, so I think we’ll be ok. Thanks!

  6. FYI, I donated but forgot it would be Canadian funds by default for me. The payment went through but PayPal displayed a message saying you might deny the payment since it’s not in currency you hold. Could you let us know if you are accepting donations only in US dollars?

    1. Thanks! I accepted the payment and fixed the glitch. Non-US donors should have no problems going forward.

      I’m in the process of sending out thank yous and links tonight (finally!).

  7. I sent you some of the monies! Mostly because I am using your stellar advice to help my friends fix their love lives, one person at a time. We all LOVE YOU!

  8. Is…is there a way to participate in the pledge drive, in like, two weeks? My unemployment recently ended, but my broke-as-anything hasn’t yet (and I’d feel silly paying the paypal fees for a single dollar when I could later send more), and I do really wanna see the film. It sounds great!

  9. SUCH a good film! And your advice and the community is well worth the pledge 🙂

  10. Heya Captain! I just watched The Wardrobe (which I have wanted to see since you first mentioned/linked to an article about it ages ago) and I loved it! That was the bonus to contributing to you. For the last year I’d been having a lot of issues, which many of your posts helped to answer, and a lot of having to shut the jerkbrain up (a term my therapist loved, by the way) and having a space where I could see other people working through the same issues as me? Absolutely what I needed.

    I’ll think you’ll get a kick out of this: not long ago an emotional wall was coming down inside of me without me quite realising it and the jerkbrain was having a field day, as in ‘nearly in tears on the street’ field day. Then another voice started up, which sounded exactly like the way you write! And it said ‘Okay, you’re worried about this not working out for you. So? You have this, this and this, and there will always be good things in the world and one thing that doesn’t happen? Not the end of things’. And the jerkbrain was all ‘Hey, I’m making her feel crap here’ and the other voice said ‘Yeah, we’re over that now. Go away.’ You’ve started a new way of thinking in my head which makes stress easier to handle for me, so thank you so much!

    And having read through the crazy long thread, I am doubly glad that I’ve been able to contribute to you. You and the regular commenters do good work here. Keep it up!

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