12 thoughts on “What would Cthulu do?

  1. I will not make a Call of Cthulhu joke.

    I will not make a Call of Cthulhu joke.

    I will not make a Call of Cthulhu joke.

    I will not make a Call of Cthulhu joke.

    …oh, what the hell. I failed my Will save.

    Do I roll 1d100 and take the SAN loss only if I take Cthulhu’s advice, or do I just take the SAN loss no matter what?

    Does Cthulhu eat 1d4 commenters on this blog each round?

    1. I am living proof that that Geek Fallacy from a few entries back about needing to love your partner’s loves is indeed a fallacy.

      He would know exactly what you are talking about, and would laugh mightily. Meanwhile, you might as well be speaking a foreign language, because I have no idea what the hell you just said.

  2. At the suggestion of another commenter, I did end up creating a Tumblr where I can basically tell people to DTMFA. It’s here: http://heyshouldwebreakup.tumblr.com/

    It’s not an advice column so much as binding relationship arbitration. That’s all I’m really capable of.

    Sorry to Captain Awkward if this is not allowed, I’m not spamming I swear! I just got the idea here so I wanted to share 🙂

  3. What part of hasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhasturhastur don’t you understand?


      (I had the Gnu Song come up on my ipod on the way to work yesterday. Pretty sure my fellow commuters thought I was a goon. Don’t care.)

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