2012 Resolution/Rule

Hey, I’m not a big one for New Year’s resolutions, because my jerkbrain can usually take that list and turn it into “List of Things I’m Currently Failing At” by March, but I do have one for this blog.

There is a big election coming in the USA, you may have heard about it?

I’m sure that where I stand on political stuff is not a secret. My personal vote is 99.99% sewn up (yes, even if that candidate has done/will do some stuff I don’t like that I’m very, very aware of) and my Twitter feed will likely be full of all kinds of political links and retweets all year long, but the blog is not the place for that.

We’re not bugging people to vote for a certain candidate, we’re not rehashing the horrorshow political theater debates, we’re not linking to very important articles about the election, we’re not getting all riled up and outraged about and at each other, we’re not pleading with each other to vote or telling each other to sign this important e-petition. Deal?  If I slip up, call me out, though I’m definitely leaving up that thing I said about a certain candidate’s supporters from the other day. That’s just the truth.

Clean slate going forward. Politicking and electioneering at Captain Awkward Dot Com will be deleted.

6 thoughts on “2012 Resolution/Rule

  1. Thank you: this has the side-effect of making it a happier place to be for non-USians too. It’s not that we’re all uninteresting in your politics, but it’s frustrating to have a wide variety of perfectly interesting blogs turn into presidential-campaign debate blogs for over 12 months every 4 years.

    Maybe there needs to be some kind of pretty “US election free zone” pledge badge or something.

  2. I’m down with that. If I wanted to read about the election I’ll go… well, pretty much anywhere else on the web.

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