1. Tori said:

    Have you ever done the Hell to Paradise drive?

  2. Hell, Michigan always seemed like a redundancy to me.

    • JenniferP said:

      Our rented lakehouse had both a wet bar and a foozball table, and we had brunch here. I have no complaints about Michigan.

      • Zweisatz said:

        May I ask: who says “foozball” describing what? Well, I get from the context it’s one of these tables where you can play … “mini”-soccer? At least I thought, it was called “soccer”.
        I am just surprised because “foozball” would be the correct pronunciation in my native tongue (well, okay, a different “a”-sound, but the rest is similar).

        • Mark said:

          Foosball is the way I see it spelled more often, and yes it is table soccer with the little men on spinning rods. Here in North America, everyone refers to the table version as foosball or rarely fußball.

          • Zweisatz said:

            Wow, I’m impressed. I’ve never seen this spelling before.

    • JenniferP said:

      I have a group of friends who rent a lake house in that area every year for a weekend. One of the group lives in Ann Arbor and a lot of us live in Chicago so it’s a convenient and inexpensive weekend away. It’s a pretty area! I’m eating some jam from Jenny’s Farmstand right now.

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