Reader question #98 + Guest-blogging at Feministe + Admin

Hello, Awkwardeers, I’m guest-blogging at Feministe this week and next.  I’ll still post questions here as time allows, but today’s question, How do I define feminism for myself and my future kids?, is over there.

My inbox is bursting with questions right now, and some of them are really, really, really long and include all possible backstory and analysis. Some backstory and analysis is helpful to me and to readers, because, well, honestly, it usually means you’re answering your own question somewhere in the text.  But, as I don’t have time to spend editing questions for length,  I’d like to put a request out there to keep it around 500 words, max.*  Or, if you want, you can send a really long but oh-so-interesting question, and I might email you back and ask you to cut it down yourself. After all, I’m a wordy motherfucker, and I don’t judge!  Fair enough?

*FYI, this post is about 150 words, if you’re looking for a way to eyeball it.

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