Saturday Links

Anna Chancellor as Lix from BBC's The Hour
New personal hero: Located.

Are you watching Awkward Black Girl?   (via Feministing)

Should you break up?  A handy flowchart.  The linked article references this Cary Tennis column, which is full of “YEESH.”

Speaking of YEESH, The A(n)nals of Online Dating is there for you when you get disgusting dating site messages.

I’m sure your wedding photos are fantastic, but these are the best wedding photos ever.

Finally, I am completely addicted to The Hour.  Who’s with me?  Anna Chancellor plays the ridiculously named “Lix Storm,” who pretty much steals every episode.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Links

  1. Oh god, that link about the “inventory-taking” boyfriend. When the writer said “I feel insulted by this particular thing, for some reason”–FOR SOME REASON? How about because it’s awful behavior?

  2. Thanks so much for the ABG rec! My coworker and I loved it. We wound up spreading it around to everybody we know in order to give it the love it deserves.

    1. She is so awesome, right? I am now a huge fan. She deserves her own sitcom deal and all the money.

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