Moving Day

Hello! Today (in like 4 hours, eek!) my stuff comes to live with me. I’ll resume posting once I’ve caught up on sleep and work and unpacked a bit. Also, Commander Logic says I can borrow A Dance With Dragons if I’m good and finish my freelance assignment, soooooo….yeah. Enjoy those archives.

Blanket Statement Monday will resume when I’ve a) unpacked the blankets and b) something has really pissed me off on a Monday.

3 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. In a very similar situation with DWD. On deadline, can’t spend time getting sucked in by awesome medieval fiction, but the book just seems to be calling out to me. Must resist!

  2. I moved in to where I am now about two months ago. I still have a couple of unpacked boxes in the one side room we use for storage.



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