What’s more awkward than a pledge drive?

Dear Kind and Attractive Readers:

Times have been lean around the Casa De Awkward, with some unexpected expenses around breaking up, moving out, and having to replace my broken computer on very short notice.  I’m hustling and freelancing as fast as I can, but in the meantime, I’m going to take a page from Shakesville’s book and ask you guys directly:

IF you enjoy yourself here, and IF you can spare it, could you kick in $5-$10 (or whatever amount you are comfortable with) for the writer?

Clicking on this photo of ramen will take you to a PayPal link where you can donate. All supporters will get a .pdf copy of my short story “The Best Dog In The World” by way of thanks.

Click on the ramen for a Paypal Link!
Clicking the ramen means I might not have to eat the ramen. The ramen and I thank you.

I love writing this blog, and I’m very grateful to the letter writers who trust us with their stories and to the best group of readers and commenters on the Internet. Thank you all for your kindness in reading, linking, and Tweeting! I hope this won’t make it weird between us.

9 thoughts on “What’s more awkward than a pledge drive?

  1. If you, like me, live in abject terror of Sudden Good Dog Sadness/Death/Pain, I can assure you that this short story contains only GOOD things happening to the eponymous dog.

    I would not lie about this. Not after what Futurama pulled on me with the Fry’s Dog episode. That was just frikkin’ cruel.

    1. I don’t always remember about trigger warnings, but I would definitely put one up if something bad happend to the dog. The dog does not get eaten by the eels at this time.

      1. Saying ‘at this time’ does not help my fears much, but the only thing more awkward about a pledge drive is no more Captain Awkward.

        1. If I had to give you a logline, I’d say it’s about when there is no really good reason to break up with someone, but you know you have to break up.

          1. I was going to donate anyway, but now I really want that story. “There is not really good reason to break up with you, but I know we have to break up” describes the end of my last relationship perfectly.

          2. Mine, too. “You’re such an awesome person!” “No, you’re such an awesome person!” And yet…

  2. I’ve chipped in. I sent in Question 51 and my relationship with my girlfriend has been far less angsty (leaving just the awesome bits!) ever since 🙂

  3. As thanks for answering my question (#42) and for being generally awesome and wise, I kicked a few bucks your way, Captain.
    And since this seems like a good place for a status update: Things fizzled out with Dude in Question (He “got back together with an ex-girlfriend”. Which…suuuuure, but whatever. He was a fun guy with whom to end my post-breakup celibacy streak but wasn’t quite right for me, really.) but shortly thereafter I met Fella I Am Currently Seeing and things are going smashingly, thanks in no small part to your advice to me to Chill. (And also the rest of your “dating” tagged posts. Yay, archives!)

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