Who does Captain Awkward turn to for advice?

The Sexy Gay Jesus, naturally.

Thanks for the great answer and the great music, L.!  What I took away from this video is that I should behave more like the breaking-up-guy and less like the breaking-up-girl. Done and done.  The good news is I’ve already found a new place and am well-stocked with The Compleat Works of Adam Scott.

Note to self:  Hire backup dancers. It just makes you look cool.

10 thoughts on “Who does Captain Awkward turn to for advice?

  1. Comforting thoughts being sent your way Captain. ::does Jedi finger wiggle::

  2. i’d never heard of The Sexy Gay Jesus – adding to my list!

    i’m assuming, based on the above, that a statement “dude* that sucks and i wish you didn’t have to go thru that” and side of Goodthoughts(tm) isn’t amiss? if my assumption is wrong [being that it is, in fact, an assumption, and assumptions are often wrong] than please ignore the first half of this paragraph

    *i grew up in Northern California in the late 80s and the 90s – “dude” isn’t “a man/boy” it’s either an exclamation of some sort [DUDE! that was awesome] or a generic anyone [hey, dude, i love those shoes. and yes, i’ve used that exact sentence to both male and female friends.] and i have had conversations of “Dude!” “yeah, dude” “duuuuuuuuuuuuude”.
    and all of THAT was an attempt to bring a bit of laughter. i hope.

    1. Thanks for the good thoughts. I’m not even from California, but I use “dude” the same way.

      1. it did spread 🙂 but most people are *horrified* that i still use it that way.

        whatever – it works!

        and i’m happy i didn’t offend.

    1. Thanks! On the plus side, Intern Paul is single now, and he comes highly recommended.

      1. When you’re out on the market, it’s always good to have quality references.

  3. I also recommend the works of Emmy the Great for bittersweet romantic songs. Check out Canopies and Drapes.

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