Get it while you can.

Anyone got big plans for the weekend?  This Craigslister does. (h/t to SexyTypewriter)

Is it wrong to make fun of The Rapture?  Because if The Rapture comes on schedule, I’m pretty sure I’ll need my sense of humor to get through the resulting reign of blood and fire. My other Girl Scout skills are rusty, so I’m pretty much bringing “not afraid of bandaging gross wounds” and “sassy wisecracking” to the survivalist table.

Which reminds me, here’s one of my favorite short films, Ray Tintori’s Death to the Tinman.

  1. robiewankenobie said:

    wait…we can’t make fun of the rapture? God has no sense of humor? damn. i’m screwed.

    • JenniferP said:

      This almost made me pee my pants.

  2. Better than me. The only thing I’m bringing to the survivalist table is “martial artist boyfriend.” 😛

  3. Traditional Married said:

    My contribution to the survivalist table: I know how to purify water using a variety of common objects/chemicals. (I’m a chemist!)

  4. Gundy said:

    I can grow things, I guess. So, I’ll handle the agriculture side, as long as no one misses blueberries so much that my apparent inability to keep a blueberry bush from dying is going to be a problem.

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