What Captain Awkward is Reading, Watching, Eating, Listening To, and Over The Moon About



  • Mildred Pierce.  I love a Depression-era women’s picture, and this one is getting a beautiful reworking and letting a bunch of amazing actresses just go to town.
  • The Killing.  Smart protagonist, smart writing, beautifully shot, great use of rainy Seattle, and a very real portrait of how a crime tears apart a family and a community.


  • Pork and beautiful fresh eggs from C & D Family Farms.  Do you live in Chicago?  Do you like humanely-farmed delicious meat?  Perhaps the magical white van comes to a parking lot (and soon, a Farmer’s Market) near you.

Listening To:

  • Sprawl of Glass (Arcade Fire’s The Sprawl + Heart of Glass = Awesome)

Over The Moon About:

  1. i love how you just slid that crazy awesome over the moon bit at the end. HOW AMAZING ARE YOU? SO AMAZING!!!! Congrats! (p.s. are you going over to see it?)

    • JenniferP said:

      Thanks! It’s not in the budget right now – I’m still saving for a new computer – but it’s still exciting news.

      • can’t you just con kanye west into giving you a ride on his private jet? it totally worked on entourage. i think it’s a pretty solid plan. you should call him up.

        • JenniferP said:

          I’ll Tweet him!

  2. Margaret said:

    And what a thing to be over the moon about, congrats!

  3. Sid said:

    WOOOHOOOOOOOO! Congratulations, Cap’n!

  4. Audrey said:

    That’s so so so so cool! Congratulations!

  5. geekgirl99 said:

    OMG, Cannes! That’s awesome – congratulations!

  6. monsterzero said:


  7. Nadyezhda said:

    wowowowoow!!! I am so happy for you!

  8. Con-fucking-gratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!

  9. JaneDoh said:

    Oh, man! That is great news about your film! I’m so, so, so, so, so happy for you. Woo hoo!

  10. “Yes, I just linked you to Pride & Prejudice fanfic. It’s really, really good.”

    And that is why my e-love for you true.

  11. “Yes, I just linked you to Pride & Prejudice fanfic. It’s really, really good.”

    And that is why my e-love for you is true.

    (Sorry about the double post. There was a typo in my first comment and I’m a little obsessive about grammar. I couldn’t just leave it.)

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