Gone to Brainerd

Possibility of a side trip to Paul Bunyanland? EXTREMELY HIGH.

My film, The Wardrobe, is showing this Saturday at Egofest.  If you’re in the Brainerd, MN area, stop by!

While I’m gone, may I recommend the works of Captain Awkward favorites SexyTypewriter and I Hate The New York Times.

From the latter, a post on the many many recent errors (factual, hegemonic, factual, fallacious, ill-informed nostalgia, practicing medicine without a license, keeps running columns by Professional Dipshit Ross Douthat).  A sample:

Case in point, The Ethicist.  We’ve all been excited to check out the new one.  Her name is Ariel Kaminer, and her first advice-asker writes in with a query about his job as a wholesale distributor.   “One of our good customers from India asked if the holy man from his temple could stop by to bless our place of business. We accepted his offer. He then added this caveat: The holy man would prefer that no woman enter that area of the building during the ceremony.”  The shaman dude ended up cancelling, but “some women on our staff were insulted by our willingness to abide by this restriction.”

Kaminer advisesstarting with: ‘Clearly what I did offended you, and I’m sorry. But to be honest, I don’t understand it as well as I’d like to. Explain it to me so I don’t make the same mistake twice.’  That might get things started.”  I advise:  Do not ask your female employees why they don’t like being ordered out of their own workplace by a random dude. The only thing this will “get started” is a vibrant workplace tradition of referring to you behind your back as Condescending Asshole…It’s really not their job to explain this shit.


4 thoughts on “Gone to Brainerd

  1. Meet the new Ethicist, just as obtuse as the old Ethicist. Another bad one for you to check out is the new wedding etiquette column. She told a letter-writer that you don’t have to give single people a plus-one when you invite them to your wedding! WTF! You’re going to invite someone to come spend like 5 hours admiring how amazing & unique your relationship is on your Special Day, & you tell them they can’t bring a date?!

    1. Thanks, I will check it out!

      The whole plus 1/no plus 1 thing just reminds me that wedding costs have gotten out of hand to a ridiculous degree. “I can’t afford to have even one extra person at my party.”

      Road-tripping to Minnesota this weekend I often thought of how the New York Times would write about small towns and roadside diners in the “Real America”, where people are obviously less complex and have fewer emotions and thoughts than in New York City.

      1. Indeed. Weddings are crazy, but the solution is to just trim the guest list, not to treat single people like second-class citizens. It really puts someone in a difficult position to be like “you can come, but you have to come by yourself! Have fun with your social anxiety disorder!”

        I always wondered what the hell “Brainerd” was, it sounds like a fake name invented for a kid’s cartoon show involving some sort of comical nerd. Next time you go on a road trip you should come to Tennessee! It’s where the REAL “real Americans” live!

  2. OMG I just read that story! I bet your film ROCKS! I’d go, but I’m broke and several states away. Bah.

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