Neat people recommended awesome stuff, which I am now recommending to you.

1) Awkward Embraces, a web series about geek dating, which my friend T. describes as “for (and by) geeky, smart, awkward (but not backwards) girls. We know who we are (were).”  Sexy Typewriter, did you know about this?   Sorry about your plans for the rest of the day.

Edited to Add:  It’s come to my attention that the Awkward Embraces team is just $3000 shy of their goal to make season 2.  Donate here if you’ve had someone smell your hair during a hug…or while standing too close on a subway ride.

2) How To Be A Woman In Any Boy’s Club, from This Recording, recommended by my friend B.  Here’s an excerpt:

“What If I Love Being The Only Girl In The Boys Club? Megan Fox Syndrome, aka Wendy from Peter Pan. It is the delusion that you can become an official part of the boys’ club if you are its strictest enforcer, its most useful prole. That if you follow the rules exactly you can become the Official Woman. If you refuse other women admission you are denying that other women are talented, which makes you just as bad as any boys’ club for thinking there would only be one talented girl at a time.

You will never actually be part of the boys’ club, because you are a woman. You are Ray Liotta in Goodfellas. You are not Italian, therefore you are never going to get made. And you don’t want to be a part of the boys’ club, because it is dedicated to preserving its own privilege at your expense. Why wouldn’t you want to know and endorse the work of other women who share your interests? How insecure are you?

Drive It Like You Stole It: Be the best. That is, assuming that you are the best. Be the best you can possibly be, whatever that means to you. Absolutely do not step down in order to not threaten people. Don’t apologize. If you genuinely fucked up fine, you are allowed to apologize once but then stop apologizing. Think about how much you hear women apologizing for themselves for no reason, or being self-deprecating or self-abnegating out of habit. What the fuck are you apologizing for? For being too good?”

Read the whole thing – it’s for men, it’s for women, and from now on I will probably sneak it into the syllabus for my courses.

And now, Katharine Hepburn wishes you a good weekend, as do I.

LOL Hepburn created by Jen Earl

7 thoughts on “Recommended!

  1. K. Hepburn is rolling in her grave. Like..ROFL, rolling.

    I’m giggling for two reasons:

    1. I think I’m really clever for thinking of that first part of this comment. If I’m not, spare me, and pretend.
    2. That picture slays me.


  2. FYI Awkward Readers, Awkward Embraces is asking for donations so that they might finish Season 2. They’re within $3k of their goal, yay! They have only 35 days left to reach it, yar! They reminded me so much of my stories and the Captain’s stories and our other friend’s stories that I had to give them a couple bucks.

  3. *mind explosion* i’ve been going through your blog archives for 2 days (eating it up and jaw drops and finger snapping and all that) and then i see this. I’m in this webseries and i never saw this rec! thank you so much! we might share the same Friend T, who also turned me on to your fancy site… keep up the great work!

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