The King is Dead. Open Thread.

The Decemberists, looking adorable.

This is just to say that I am enjoying the new Decemberists album quite a bit, even though I’m used to more songs about stabbing and murder from them. Did they go on antidepressants?  The Crane Wife is one of my “desert island” albums, but this is pretty good.  “January Hymn” is sad in just the right way, and “Rox in the Box” is pleasantly earwormy.  I need to listen a few more times before everything gels.

This is also an experiment with an open thread.  I’ve got a bunch of questions in my mailbox about Facebook and the whole process of “friending” and “unfriending” that I’m not quite ready to answer yet.  I feel a rant coming on about how despite appearances not everyone in your life is allowed to play in your sandbox all the time, but I need to sleep on it.

Questions? Thoughts?  Harrowing tales of Facebook drama? Favorite Decemberists song or album? Read any good books lately?  This blog is your blog.

4 thoughts on “The King is Dead. Open Thread.

  1. I’m finding that Mumford & Sons is making an excellent segue sort of follow up to The King is Dead on my iPod playlist. Otherwise, I have very few thoughts on the album yet, on this my second listening. (Though the next transition from Mumford & Sons to The LadyKiller is less smooth. Thanks New Albums Folder! :D)

    I attempted a rabbit stew on Sunday. It was… okay? Lots of little bones, not a ton of flavor.

    1. The King is Dead has less story to it than past albums, and some of the songs are still “pleasant-enough filler” for me, but This Is Why We Fight is my current favorite. I don’t know Mumford & Sons, should I?

      1. Mumford & Sons- there are 2-3 songs from the CD you’ll love. The rest is MOTS, a bit, but Little Lion Man is a killer song.

  2. You should open a thread like “Great Moments in Passive Aggressiveness” or somesuch. It seems many of us have stories from our past. We don’t need advice, but oh how we could chortle over our former selves and the people we were formerly foolish enough to allow in our lives.

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