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#527 Creepers d’Un Certain Age, Business Edition.

Hi Captain, I could really use your help with a situation I’ve been dealing with at work. My job is at a small marketing firm, and I have a lot of daily contact with our customers, both over the phone and by email (not in person). One of our customers, whom I’ll call Jim, has […]

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#513: “Frenemy” is a ridiculous made-up word that is occasionally accurate, or, The Case of the Passive-Aggressive Co-worker

Hello everyone! How are you? I am completely destroying my cat’s sense of safety and object permanence packing up my entire apartment for a move this week. All the comments in the spam filter are actually spam, so it must be time for another question. Shall we continue the Labor Day holiday with a work […]

#503: Education, love, money, family, foreign adventures & THE ENTIRE FUTURE OF EVERYTHING

Comments on this thread are closed as of 8/17. Thank you.    Hi Captain Awkward, My mother and my boyfriend HATE each other. I know you’ve heard this all before, and until now I’ve learned to just deal with it. Until now. My mother is my supporter, I am currently a 19 year old undergraduate, […]

#459: Do I have to destroy my health to be in grad school?

I’m in grad school for creative writing. It’s hard. Right now, I’m taking three classes, which means that I’m reading 500-plus pages a week, in addition to commenting on my classmates’ writing and producing a poem every week. Plus, I’m teaching a basic composition course for struggling writers, and a literature course (for the first […]

#450: How to tighten up your game at work when you’re depressed.

Hey, Captain and Co. I spent the past two years of my life being really depressed (and, honestly, who knows how long before that — I was only diagnosed last year, but I’ve felt pretty awful for as long as I can remember), and, through some supportive parents and medication and an awesome partner and […]

#432: I’m pregnant, I hate small talk, UGH: A Compendium

Dear Captain, I’m pregnant – yay! It’s still pretty early, but if things go well, I’m on my way to being a big gassy pregnant lady. (Right now I am a small gassy pregnant lady). However, I’m already dreading handsy co-workers who I know will touch my stomach, comment on my weight gain, start referring […]

Hiatus, Holiday Open Thread, & #389: Friendly Social Coercion is Still Coercion

Hello! I have a backlog of something like 300 unanswered questions in my inbox. I also have some travel, work deadlines, and life stuff that mean I will not be posting here or checking blog-related email until early November. I will try to clean out the spam filter every other day or so, but I’m […]

#383 & #384: Ladyboners

Dear Team Awwkard, Ok so here it is: I’m back at university after having to take time out due to depression and a very bad reaction to meds last year. I have a feeling that the depression was in a large part due to the relationship I was in at the time where my partner […]

#375 & #376: Respect at Work

Hi Captain, I wasn’t sure about sending you this question, but then I saw the tag ” Is someone in your life making it weird?” and I thought, “Yes! In fact someone IS making it weird!” So here goes. First, some context of the problem I’m about to describe, in handy bulleted points: -I work […]

#370: Unmotivated to apply for jobs.

Dear Captain Awkward, I moved to the UK for uni a year ago with plans to get a job at the same time, since that was what I’d always done before. At first I decided to wait until second semester in order to settle in, since I had student loans and a scholarship to lower […]


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