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#529: (un)Fun with tenses: You HAD an abuser. You HAVE a stalker.

This post is behind a cut due to intense discussion of sexual violence and stalking behavior. About these ads

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#491: A dream job is taking me back to the city I left 10 years ago to escape my abusive family. How can I keep myself safe?

Oh Captain, my Captain I broke contact with my family and moved across country from them ten years ago. It was a decision made by several years of mixed bag abuse. My dad is a creepy stalker who still haven’t given up and the police have been involved more than once. I have no hope […]

Guest Post! What to expect when you call a helpline/hotline.

Back when we changed the format for submitting questions, I strongly encouraged people who were currently experiencing a crisis to call a hotline or helpline and talk to a friendly person rather than wait for me to sort through the bulging email box and get to their question. The questioners who wanted help  composing their […]

#408: Old internet postings from a new dating partner.

Hi Captain, I started dating a friend recently, someone I trust(ed) wholeheartedly. However, I found some old internet postings of his that seriously freaked me out (jokes about domestic violence, et al.) I asked him about it, and he explained that he isn’t that person anymore and isn’t proud of what he’d said. I accepted […]


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