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#414: What are the green flags for a good therapist?

Hello Captain Awkward and Awkward Army, I have been in and out of therapy off and on for the last decade or so. I don’t want to give my entire life history, but I will summarize by saying that I have clinical depression, and have anxiety that hasn’t been formally diagnosed yet but which has […]

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Question #168: The Peaches/Fingers/Kitty/New Year’s/Gaming/Self-Harm Situation

Hi, Well, I’m just out of the worst part of a nasty emotional crash and into the ‘ok what the fuck do I do’ section of it. Also the ‘I need a nap’ section of it (stress makes me sleepy). On New Year’s Eve, I invited some friends over. These are my boyfriend (pseudonym: Kitty), […]

Reader question #121: How do I convince my partner that his daughter needs therapy?

Dear Captain Awkward,  This is our family: My partner, divorced & single dad for 7 years. His daughter, 9 years old, who sees her mother only on the weekends. My son, 7 years old, whose father lives on the other side of the planet (we’re fine with that!). Then there’s our baby, two months old.  Well, […]

Guest post! How do I stop letting my terrible self-esteem sabotage my relationships? (Reader question #99)

Dear Captain, My question is two-pronged: I have serious self-esteem issues, in particular concerning my looks. I just don’t think I’m very pretty. My hair is frizzy and awkward and takes a considerable amount of styling to look even remotely presentable, my skin is greasy and tired-looking, I had a tooth smashed when I was […]

Reader question #30: New town, old blues, and the case for therapy.

Dear Capt. Awkward, I feel like I’m an inveterate fuck-up. Everything I touch eventually falls apart, and I make decisions rashly and avoid the fallout by never peering too closely at myself. My most recent debacle started when a guy I was sleeping with in another city introduced me to his friends in this new […]


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