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#301: “Help me process my weird week of feelings.”

Dear Captain Awkward: It’s been an interesting week for me. First, I found out that my abusive ex-boyfriend has gotten his new girlfriend pregnant. (Unrelated to the question, but adding to the weirdness: I’m a massage therapist, and she got scheduled with me for a pregnancy massage, I mean, wtf? I did not end up […]

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Rewriting Sex Scenes

You guys, Holly is being totally brilliant again. As with the consent culture post, THIS is the world I’m trying to build, where we all use our words and we all get to want things and ask for what we want.

Question #176: The Perpetual Seething Mass of Resentment

We’re going deep into the Jerkbrain today, so let’s start with nice things that I love. First, a safe-for-work, short animated film, Address Is Approximate. It’s so simple and beautiful, and it punched me right in the heart (in a good way). Next, Holly’s post about Consent Culture: A consent culture is one in which […]

Guest post! “I would like to be GGG for my new chap, but we’re taking it reallllllllllly slow.” (Question #105)

I’m still posting at Feministe this week, most recently about how The Interrupters allowed me to finally process and write about some of the violent incidents I witnessed in my old neighborhood.  The filmmaker is a personal hero of mine, so when he stopped by to comment I had a little geek-out involving many exclamation points. […]


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