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Cohabitation Situations: Ambivalence Deliverance (#451) & Eviction Prescription (#452)

Before we jump into sad, serious things, Gollum dreamed a dream (of coming to your party?) Courtesy of my friend @spyscribe. You guys watch The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, right? Now, some letters about living situations gone bad (#451) and very, very bad (#452). Dearest Captain, I need some help with relationship ambivalence. It’s been 3 years […]

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#415: How do I give this person who wanted to be my friend “closure”?

Dear Captain Awkward: How do you give closure to someone you barely know? IOW, worm can opened, now what? A few years ago I got to know a woman over a few hours of casual recreational activities. We clicked at first, and discovered through our sharing that we both had experienced several important life milestones, […]


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